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Old School New School is structured to empower students to bring their individuality into their design practice when they work by hand.


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The Program runs over 5 weeks and is Australia's only dedicated Type Design course.

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OSNS has a variety of events happening at the School, including Exhibitions, Talks and more, focusing on adding to and building the design and typography community.

Here we publish work produced at the school, research and writing on typography and design.
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🔥🔥🔥 Type Design Type DNA One Day Masterclass🔥🔥🔥🔥 Grab this exceedingly rare opportunity ☝️☝️ THIS SATURDAY ☝️☝️ ✍️✍️……. 👨🏽👦🏼👲🏽👩 —– If the studio you work for is SMART – It will rush you off to take this class ! A great investment covering everything we all should have have learned at uni. your particular CUSTOM type will provide unparalleled brand differentiation. This USP will make 🤑🤑🤑 for your studio – you NEED this class. It takes NO special talent to design a font! 🙄🙄🙄 That is such a misnomer! You just need someone to show you HOW !! It ain’t rocket science ! – you can still proudly export and use your WIP font for posters logos and editorial titles !!! Also look at it’s partner class the following Saturday A one day intro to glyphs font development software, which teaches you all the 😎 nifty little tricks of powerful glyphs font editing software. Glyphs trial version is free and mini costs ONLY $80 and it’s easy to use . You will ditch illustrator and use it to power through all your vectoring work ☝️And revolutionise your work flow. Class details are on site ! BOOK NOW !!! and change your life because life is too short for Helvetica !!!! #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphicdesignstudent #graphicart #customlettering #typographyart #design #melbournedesign #designer #handlettering #communicationdesign #typedesigner #typedesign #typenerd #font #fontastic #myhandmadefont

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Repost @veronicagrowtype ・・・ I finally got some time on the brush today!!! I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ !!!! ???? Why is it so enjoyable working by hand? I always feel so happy and excited when I work with the brush. When I design in the computer I always find myself pullled into resolving some tech issue, or busy arranging or finding files. Why is that so tiring ?? So it was great to work with the brush today I feel happy ! #signpainting #signpainter #melbournemade #handletttering #communicationdesign #graphicdesign #typewip #calligraphic #typographic #alwayshandpaint #typography #signwriting #melbournemade

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Revolutionise your whole Communication Design Practice. BOOK NOW for our hands on Type DNA on Nov 18, and One Day Introduction to Glyphs Font Design Software. Discover the fascinating Fundamentals of Character Style and Optics for Type Design and Lettering and leave having created your own Typeface from Scratch or Logo or Title. The process is essentially the same ! So useful ! So efficient ! ✋ stop relying on bought fonts that’s SO yesterday !!!! #communicationdesign #graphicdesign #typedesign #brandingtips #typographyinspired #typographic #customtypedesign #customlettering #typedesign #typedesigner #font #melbournedesign #melbournetypography #logo

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Repost from @veronicagrowtype Director of the OSNS Type Design Program : ・・・ My Hand drawn bespoke lettering depicting Melbourne’s most memorable cocktail bars ! – It’s important to remember why we’re all busy crafting bespoke Type and Lettering ! At the end of the day we are trying to create the ultimate UX (user experience) for the end user of a particular brand. Personally I am drawn to any brand that used stunning type ! If that brand has paid attention to Typographic detail I feel confident that they will follow through in every other detail like Service, comfort, drinks menu, decor etc etc ! I’m more than happy in fact I really find myself dying to head to that particular venue for the ultimate indulgence. ( and don’t we need indulgence !) Melbourne has so many Cocktail Bars that evoke mystery charm and story. They have names that cry desperately to be dressed in beautiful Type and Lettering to tell their story! So here’s to The Gin Palace ! In Melbourne’s CBD ! The Gun Palace makes me think of the Prohibition Era when beaded ladies sneakily sipped gin from tea cups and saucers ! While they graciously chatted and listened to jazz in sumptuous surrounds ! #handlettering #branding #graphicdesigner #communicationdesign #branding #melbournefoodie #melbournecocktails #melbournecocktailbar #typographyinspired #typographyart #typographyserved #typographylove #typographyporn #typewip #cocktailporn #cocktailbar #cocktailclub #handlettered #handlettering #drawing @ginpalacemelb #typographic @theginpalace @the_gin_palace @theginpalacenorwich

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The descendants of the North Semitic Alphabet from Letterforms and Lettering by JR Biggs Branford Press UK 1977 #typedesign #typedesigner #graphicdesign #typographic

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Hey ! You don’t need to eat ‘shrooms or even take synthetic drugs to create acid lettering like this! 🤖🤢👾🤡👽🎃👁👩‍🎤🦇🦑🐲🍄🌈🌪❄️🤸‍♀️However!! Having someone explain the rules and the origins of this style which derives from pointed pen calligraphy is the key ! BUT —- you certainly don’t need to be a calligrapher or have ever picked up a calligraphy pen. You do need to be a patient drawer. Take our Two day Lettering Class on 2 December and you will be given the secrets in a structured two day class of lectures, demonstrations, comprehensive booklets, access to the OSNS type library, and lots of help aka one on one guidance to set you on the same track as all our Lettering Artists who exhibited in our recent Brave Face Exhibition: @mad_deneys @leonafietz @stevemitchell_ @_abigailhawkins @shelbydoesntlikecheese . Once you have the skill you can build on it. It’s useful to create logos, packaging titles, magazine mastheads posters and a lot more. You can take just day one if you want to learn how to Letter formal scripts #logo #graphicdesign #communicationdesign #handlettering #handmade #customlettering #customtype #melbournemade #thedesigntip #designinspiration #dailytype #graphicdesign #typography #typographic #designer #nineteenseventythree #pencildrawing

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Ho ho ho ! The perfect Xmas Gift !!! A trip to the Iconic OSNS Lettercraft Lab at historic @abbotsfordconvent to learn both Brush Pen Lettering AND Single Speed Stroke with ink and speedball nib. We’ve finely honed our teaching strategy on countless learners. Thursday 30 Nov – 7.00 pm. That’s TWO fun and useful styles ! Plus you get to keep your own gorgeous lettering manual with riso printed cover and your own tombow pen ! We get achieve results !!! If you want proof – go look at 🔥🔥🔥@elloisemae and @caseyschuurman ! #brushlettering #communicationdesign #brushpenlettering #typography #calligraphy #graphicdesigner #design #melbournemade #craft #handmade #writing #ink #calligraphic #brushcalligraphy

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@wscully Made a quickie bespoke typeface for a project at work 🤗 – and so can you ! If you Take our Nov 18 “Type DNA” class and Nov 25 “Glyphs” font software class ! This will give you all the special basic tricks – Don’t be frightened ! That feeling when you type out your creation for the first time is like nothing else ! Despite misconceptions Type design has become very doable – more and more designers are creating their own display faces and you don’t want to be last – plus you will be part of Australia’s crowd of super chill type and lettering designers !! It all starts with learning to draw type properly and see the DNA of every type system. #communicationdesign #typography #customlettering #customtypedesign #melbournedesign #melbournedesigner #melbournemade #graphicdesignstudent #typographer #

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