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Via @veronicagrowtype ! ・・・ Hi there !👋I took this photo to show you all how the actual lettering process for my script lettering class involves lots of FUN DRAWING – because I think a lot of you maybe confuse it with calligraphy? (because I do a lot of calligraphy too)! Most letterers in the 1960’s such as Mortimer Leach in fact never picked up a calligraphy pen, yet understood its principals. The two are very different processes – but knowing how to do both is useful because they help one another a lot ! So here you can see the last 3 iterations of this drawn piece ! They have already been carefully edited and refined (which is why the process refines your eye helping you to discern quality over average) , then shaded in with pencil to ensure the spacing and weights work. Finally the piece is vectored so that it can easily be scaled up and down for screen work titles or logos ! Whatever you like. So if you really love DRAWING as opposed to calligraphy – lettering is for you ! Especially if you are an illustrator already because you are half way there ! Let’s do this ! Ha!! 👍🔥👌—– if u want to learn — go through to our link – and grab a spot in Premium – hand lettered script logos ! I mean there’s only so much to brush Script and sign-painting – then what ??? It’s valuable and interesting for clever people to up-skill #logo #customtype #customlettering #typographic #typographicdesign #typography #drawing #goodtype #typegang #calligraphymasters #handlettering #handletteringpractice #custom #craft #drawing #illustration #quote #wordstoliveby

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True story —–☝️—-You know — someone asked me the other day WHY I’m going to take the Tom Kemp brush romans class with the @calligraphysocietyvic , when I’ve already taken @calligraphile s amazing class at Camp Cheerio USA !!!! I was amazed that anyone would even think like that !! 😲😳 Letters are and endless mystery ! And what sort of teacher would I be if I just hashed out the same old formula REALLY !!!! Type and letters have spirit – and it’s so fascinating discovering all the nuances that make for really amazing lettering instead of just following the formula ! That’s why I’ve shared @moniqueaimee s vector lettering here , because she completed our Type program , and like most 99% of people could have just stopped there (boring🙄). But instead she took our Script Lettering Intensive – and her improved awareness of letterforms and design skills have improved one hundred fold ! Like in this piec here ! Compare it to what she was designing 12 months ago and there’s no comparison ! The woman’s got SPIRIT ! My kind of letterer ! This lettering is awesome Monique and goes to show how working by hand translates to digital excellence ! #calligraphy #customlettering #typographic #typegang #typography #handlettering #handletteringpractice #dailytype #calligraphymasters

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@caseyschuurman ‘s amazing hand-lettered Swoon ! In case you don’t know, Casey learned all the ins and outs of creating Swoonworthy Script Logos like this in our BEST class ever ! It’s called “Premium” hand lettered script logos! An amazing learning experience formulated by Australia’s experts in the education of the Typographic Arts. It goes for two full days in July 15 and will take your lettering right up to a fully professional level ! Casey took our Type Design Program last year – and set up her Custom Lettering Business. With her own web site, her stunning lettering is now starting to pull in Commissions! The moral of the tale ? You have to start ! And you need learn to make quality work ! Places for Premium are filling – so grab your spot ! If you have never done calligraphy that’s ok but you need some Drawing experience ! #graphicdesign #customlettering #typespire #customtype #typographyinspired #typographic #logo #logoinspiration #logomania #typegang #typography

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NEW !! The Grammar of the Flourish Calligraphers ! Brush Script writers! We all want to flourish, yet every time we try, our ovals look terrible, and we can’t make them fit nicely with the word or all the other ovals. Our attempts look like a messy pile of spaghetti. Once you know how – if you follow the rules it is actually easy ! I used to think that only Master Penman like Michael Sull could flourish but after a lot of research, I have a bomb proof strategy to teach flourishing to everyone. I call it a basic grammar and once you have that grammar, it is just like learning music, you practice and refine the technique, you can flourish with ease! In fact learning to flourish actually, helps you improve your calligraphy. Everyone should learn flourishing! If you have learned Brush Script or Copperplate at the osns Lettercraft lab, and want to learn flourishing, book into our NEW 3-hour 9 August class on flourishing! There are just 10 spots. #customtype #Goodtype #typespire #customlettering #calligraphic #typographic #graphicdesign #calligraphy #brushlettering

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Good to see that @moniqueaimee has now Vectorized her hand drawn custom script logo for Brunny Hunnys from the previous post ✨✨ ! It looks Amazing !!! _____ Like Monique YOU CAN also set yourself apart and have fun learning to draw awesome script like this in our “Premium” custom script logo class on July 16 & 17. the March class was amazing everyone loved spending 2 full days engrossed drawing letters ! _____NO CALLIGRAPHY experience required – but some drawing experience is necessary – there is no mystery to creating great lettering once you understand the process you just need patience and practice ! as this is DRAWING ! Class covers drawing techniques, flourishing, spacing, history – with very comprehensive in depth presentation and demonstrations. You receive 3 beautifully designed and printed A5 lettering manuals packed full of excellent exemplars. This is your only opportunity to learn this useful in Australia, as no calligraphy society, graphic design program or letterer runs this class. Places are filling fast now ! So don’t miss out ! #melbournemade #typographic #typographyinspired #calligritype #customtype #customlettering #logo #dailytype #typegang #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #

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I was amazed at how quickly all my Copperplate Students grasped the skills of diagnosing correct letterforms, and correct technique yesterday – by the end of the day they were independently writing beautiful evenly spaced Copperplate text, and are independent in that I have taught them to problem solve their own issues and fix them! Good luck everyone and well done ! #calligraphy #calligritype #typographyinspired #typographic #writing #copperplate #ink #craft #melbournemade

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Copperplate class ! Happening today ! Why ???? It’s an essential aspect of the HISTORY of writing !! We love teaching Melbourne’s best Copperplate Calligraphers – teaching them to understand it as a modular system via ductus, structure, spacing, – so they can analyse and understand how any hand is made – they’re true problem solvers able to overcome any calligraphy challenge for themselves – rather than being dependent in their teacher ! We teach our Calligraphers to think for themselves instead of slavishly following the exemplar #calligraphy #calligritype #copperplate #typographic #typographyinspired #calligraphic #ink #penmanship

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Custom lettering from @veronicagrowtype ・・・ Promotion piece for my July 15 custom script Lettering weekend Intensive at @oldschoolnewschool ! Get off the computer ! Learn the secrets to drawing Premium script lettering for logos, signage, posters and titles. #typographic #customlettering #pencil #calligraphic #pencildrawing #handlettering #drawing #logo #logodesign #logodesigner #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #logo #typography #typographic #goodtype #calligraphymasters #calligritype


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