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Old School New School is structured to empower students to bring their individuality into their design practice when they work by hand.


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The Program runs over 5 weeks and is Australia's only dedicated Type Design course.

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OSNS has a variety of events happening at the School, including Exhibitions, Talks and more, focusing on adding to and building the design and typography community.

Here we publish work produced at the school, research and writing on typography and design.
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True true – as a communication designer – who is sought out for their individuality – Or that’s the premise ??? – WHY oh why would you want to be yet ANOTHER one who uses brush lettering ??? Or GT Walshiem? Of course I like these styles very much – but doesn’t it make better sense to be that designer who offers a design solution that’s totally unique ??? 👍👍🤓😎If this makes sense to you the key to open your door of opportunity lies in taking the OSNS 2018 Type Design Program ! Link through to the site to find out more #typespire #typedesign #typedesigner #typographic #calligraphic #communicationdesign

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Using the time honoured lettering techniques passed down from 20th Century lettering greats : Mortimer Leach, Doyald Young and Ken Barber, OSNS Type Design Program Students are taught correct lettering techniques ! So that they can go ahead and break the rules and break them well! Lettering is the first phase of Type Design enabling designers to test the character of their first letterforms, and being professionally taught makes all the difference ! 2017 Program students continued on with their lettering to exhibit in the Brave Face Exhibition at @abbotsfordconvent ! 👉👉👉👉 if you are keen to learn more full details and application form can be downloaded on the school site #communicationdesign #customtype #customtype #typographic #design #graphicdesign #typography

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Everywhere you look on Instagram, you see clicky little blinkered typo groups defined only by their style. By its own nature Instagram encourages this behaviour. I like to call them and their fans One trick Ponies – The Neutrals with their Geometric neutral Sans serifs who like Type to be invisible, and who veer only toward what is seen as hi art and I see as pretentious . Then there are all the Calligraphers who can’t venture out from calligraphy. The Sign painters. The Illustrators who actually add dodgy letters to their illos and call themselves letterers. The brush letterers! And within these groups there are sub groups. I don’t like the echo chambers of narrow clicky groups. A true typographer and type designer needs to understand writing ! All forms of writing – and the purpose of the said writing. This is what you learn in the OSNS Type Design Program. You also learn to apply this knowledge to making digital writing – otherwise known as Type Design. As well as leaving with your own professional Typeface, you should leave with pretty good ability to paint letters with the flat brush. Interested ??? Link through to our site and apply by Feb 16. #melbournemade #typographyporn #typographic #typographyinspired #typedesigner #customlettering #customtype #signwriting #signpainter #communicationdesign #design

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Repost from @osnsletterformlibrary Fred Smeijers “Type Now” a Manifesto plus works so far. Published 2003. good type Specimens plus some solid Dutch wisdom regarding Type Design 👉👉👉👉👉 Follow along to dig into our Type Library of rare type books ! #typedesigner #typedesign #communicationdesign #typographic #font #customtype #handlettering

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The retinue of essential skills for the communication designer everyone wants to hire is changing. Letterform Literacy & Type Design is a powerful language of persuasion! How well do you speak it ? #typedesigner #typographyinspired #typographic #typographyporn #melbournemade #design #communication

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Not illustration calling itself type. OSNS Type program is all about the pure architecture of letterforms and how these letterforms integrate with other letterforms. It all starts with an applied understanding of the history of “writing” ! Starting with the Romans and Roman Typographics via the Trajan letter ! Read more on our site ! #brushlettering #melbournemade #craft #customlettering #typographyporn #typographic #typographyinspired #typedesigner

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Just a friendly reminder that to secure your spot in the 2018 OSNS Type Design Program you will need to apply by February 16. Feel free to link through to our site to read more, or email through for an info pack ! #typespecimen #handmadefont #communicationdesign #melbournemade #design #handlettering #typedesigner

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@knapptime12 loved bringing colour into her brush letter work during last year’s Type Design Program :) read about the program on our site and apply by Feb 12 ! #handlettering #handmadefont #communicationdesign #calligraphic #calligritype #signwriting #brushlettering #melbournemade

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