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OSNS offers a range of classes, here is what's coming up in the next month.


Upcoming Classes

The School

Old School New School is structured to empower students to bring their individuality into their design practice when they work by hand.


Type Program

The Program runs over 5 weeks and is Australia's only dedicated Type Design course.

What's On

OSNS has a variety of events happening at the School, including Exhibitions, Talks and more, focusing on adding to and building the design and typography community.

Here we publish work produced at the school, research and writing on typography and design.
If you’ve like to contribute, contact us.

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#Repost @veronicagrowtype ・・・ Essentially this not the what but the why of learning about type properly from a specialist who has successfully taught COUNTLESS high Typographic achievers Courtesy of @typebasics #typography #typographic #graphicdesign #font #customtype #design #goodtypedaily

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Type design students busy getting inspired in the OSNS lettercraft lab at @abbotsfordconvent (the only space in Australia dedicated purely to teaching TYPOGRAPHY nothing else) during last April’s fully immersive 5 week Type Design Program #typedesign #melbournemade #graphicdesign #typedesigner #customlettering

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@channinfulton getting All the type feels here in our type lab at @abbotsfordconvent :) 😉😉😉 #typographylove #melbournedesign #graphicdesign #addiction #typeobsession

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Pretty typical type student experience here in our type lab at @abbotsfordconvent :) it feels REALLY good 😉😉😉 @channinfulton #typographylove #melbournedesign #graphicdesign #addiction #typeobsession

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Here’s the original DNA I used to make today’s Typeface. I liked the character of this piece of handpainted signage and wanted to develop it further – and I would love to teach you this useful and fun skill in Nov 18 to really give you and your portfolio the edge it needs to 🕺🕺🕺🕺ahead . If you don’t have type to develop we have some incredible collections at the school. Early bird discount ends Nov 1 ! Cheers ! #graphicart #typographylove #melbournedesign #customtypedesign #typography #typographic #typographyinspiration #typographyinthecity #typographyinthewild

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Excited to share today’s custom font development with you ! Would love to share the process with keen typoohiles on Nov 18 and 25 #graphicdesign #typographic #typography #customtypedesign #customtypeface #melbournedesign #designer #typeporn #typographylove

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repost @veronicagrowtype ・・・ Here’s my second Typeface in 2 days, which I’m going to name Al’s Garage after the hand painted sign from which I took its DNA. And yes, can we please talk about Geometric Sans? 😁I really love Geometric Sans, but I’m concerned with its overuse. 😭I know as a designer you want your work to exercise restraint and sophistication, but there’s so many other ways to do it that still look classy. I prepared this face to promote the Nov 18 and 25 Type Design classes at @oldschoolnewschool ! I would love to share all my Letterform knowledge with you ! Come join me ! #graphicdesigner #typographyart #typographyserved #typographyinspiration #typedesigner #fontastic #typeporn #melbournemade #customtype #dailytype

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I had so much fun making the first test of my new typeface created from a found type excursion to my local cemetery ! And I assure you I have no special talent. Much more fun than spending the morning in the coffee shop ! Come join me on Nov 18 and I would love to share the secrets so that you can empower yourself and create your own typeface from scratch too ! #typedesign #typedesigner #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphicdesignstudent #customtype #customlettering #fontastic #typeporn

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