Brave Face Custom Lettering Exhibition

Opening night

Friday September 15th 6pm - 9pm


September 15th - October 3rd 2017

Old School New School for Design and Typography presents Brave Face Custom Lettering Exhibition

In this exhibition of professional hand-drawn custom lettering solutions, 11 of the School’s finest lettering artists have come together to explore how Slow Typography pushes them to experiment and create with courage. Slow Typography is an approach that aims to put value back onto craftsmanship, hard work, and originality.

As creatives today we measure success and perfection almost impulsively from the palm of our hands. We are flooded with seemingly effortless visual solutions through neatly packaged Instagram photos, disregarding a sense of process, struggle or craftsmanship. Gratification and success are measured by likes and follows – pressure, comparison and self consciousness ensues. In a saturated field of perfectionists, how do we push beyond these social pressures and past our own high expectations to create typographic perfection?

Perhaps the answer is not in results but in the process.

Not only will guests be able to purchase limited edition prints, but see how the works came together. The exhibition reveals process and shows how using both head and hands is an engaging human experience beyond the screen. We are both creatively and physically active, challenging these expectations of perfection and working through a considered process in order to achieve skilful and original solutions. With hundreds of fonts available at anyone’s fingertips, knowledge and appreciation for the process in how these letterforms needs to be prioritised and understood.

Witness the precision it takes to design exhibition ready word marks with live lettering running on our opening night and our exhibitioners’ numerous rounds of hand drawn drafts on display. With each draft, a new problem is solved and new ideas explored, allowing a simple idea to blossom into something magic. It is an immersive and nourishing process that allows creatives to think with more than their heads, but through their hands and body.

50% off proceeds of prints sold at Brave Face will be donated to Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, who provide mental health and study services for 12-25 year olds. With 75 per cent of mental health issues emerging before the age of 25, the services of Headspace are vital to the wellbeing of our community and an organisation OSNS is proud to support.

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