The School

Launched in 2012, Old School New School is Australia’s first and only Typographic Education Centre to specialize in teaching  Type and Lettering design for design professionals.


Old School New School for Design and Typography is a nonprofit typography school purpose built to inspire and educate those seeking the specialised knowledge required to create custom typography.

This starts with Letterform Literacy and Slow Typographics.  Slow Typography is an analog approach grounded in how a letterform is created, by which tool its marks were made, and in which era it was made. This holistic and in-depth approach to understanding calligraphy, lettering, and type design produces proficient custom type and lettering that is well informed and not “naive”.

The School has partnered with  London’s “The Future Lab”,  Amsterdam’s “The Slow Lab” based at the Pratt in NYC, The National Gallery of Victoria, and been featured in many international publications, such as Monotype’s “The Recorder”.

The School offers:


Old is the New New

The short cut to originality is custom type, and very few Schools offer such comprehensive programs in custom type and lettering design, and even fewer base this learning on craft. A primary aim of Old School New School is to prioritise the endangered connection between making and thinking using what is known as the tacit wisdom of the body instead of head based learning which all starts working by hand.

The School’s Director Veronica Grow is an advocate of continual research and is also a citizen of the global type design community, regularly roaming the globe, participating in conferences and classes worldwide which contextualise OSNS course content ensuring that it is amongst the best on offer. The Slow Typographers educated at OSNS are happily introducing the power of the carefully considered hand crafted letter to a fast based digital world, and helping brands to stand out.


The School’s aim is to produce quality students who think deeply and critically about typography, design and the communities they interact with at large.

Students that complete the Type Design Program or our shorter learning options come away with a new perspective on their creative pursuits and valuable skills that make them highly employable.


Veronica Grow

Founder and Director

After many years spent teaching design in tertiary institutions, Veronica decided in 2012 to realise her dream and start Old School New School. It was a desire to provide a personal and authentic learning experience, where she could build the confidence and encourage the individual potential of aspiring designers and typographers that inspired her decision.

The years spent working within the education system and design industry clarified to her that tertiary qualifications had ceased to make sense – being too expensive to gain and no longer guaranteeing a ticket to employment or personal satisfaction. While mainstream universities were closing down their craft and drawing programs, Veronica wanted to rebuild these disciplines on her own terms. Using hand drawn lettering as a base, she wished to step learners away from the prison of the computer with a craft-based approach to learning typography using the head, heart and hands.

Bruno Herfst

Regular teacher

Bruno Herfst is from Holland and teaches Type Design at OSNS where he is much loved by our students. He works across various media for a diverse range of clients ranging from those in the cultural field to commercial companies. He designs stuff, builds tools for designers that treat typefaces as computer data and loves solving design problems with new bits of software. He creates software programs that build book covers.  He is also a book designer (which means that he understands how type works), and OSNS is excited to bring his typographic and digital expertise to Typotek, as well as his teaching skills. He is an excellent teacher who can distil complex ideas into simple and effective language, and he is also easy-going and very approachable.

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