Brush Lettering in the Single Speed Stroke

Read on to grab the free give away in this post ! To celebrate our NEW Brush Lettering and Brush Script in the Single Stroke class, which you can check out here and I recommend that you do !) I am excited to share here a downloadable excerpt from one of the extremely rare vintage lettering books from the OSNS type and lettering library. Have a look and download it to find some fun lettering projects to begin. The book is Al Mack’s Brush Pen in the Single Speed Stroke. The style in the book is a very loose style, and you will need to start off with a tombow and also buy yourself a nib, some cheap ink, and a speedball nib. Print out the exemplars to A3, and for starters, use some A3 tracing paper, to learn the ductus ( the order that you make the strokes). Once you have this down patt, you can rule up some ordinary photocopy paper, and practice on that. Then start connecting the letters, and making some words. If you are game you can use a pointed brush and some gouche, watered down to the consistency of runny cream. Once your tombow is dried up you can dip it into some non acrylic ink and try that. The main objective is teaching your hand the muscle memory, just like learning a dance off by heart!

If you are having fun, and want to learn the interconnection of this skill to lettering and type design, we have a winter special to get you in the mood. Our Beginners Brush Script and Brush Letters in the Single Speed Stroke is a steal at $70.00 per head. The price includes all your materials, and you also receive a special booklet that includes a kit of beautiful alphabets from the OSNS library to help expand your letter form vocabulary for the most ideal lettering solutions. Grab this special while you can because it won’t places are filling fast !

Link through here to book!

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