Mid Twentieth Century Advertising Brush Script and Single Speed Stroke Lettering


Tuesday 19 June


7pm - 10pm




Perfect for beginners, this class equips you with the essential skills to understand and create typography with flair and meaning. The demand for authentic, analog custom lettering over fonts plucked from the computer is growing, providing instant brand recognition. It starts with an unsurpassed typographic eye and a respect for the process, patience and time, in learning a skill which is the foundation to enable you to create dazzling custom letterforms.

What's included

Brush Pen
Expertly written instructions
Rare Letterform Exemplars


Old School New School
Abbotsford Convent, (Studio 1 A Mercator Building), 1 St Hellier St


Materials included


Please Note, unfortunately we are UNABLE to refund or transfer your fees, so we ask that you please choose carefully. We are happy for you to transfer your ticket to a friend though.

In depth

While new places keep popping up on the internet to learn letter arts, being the first, OSNS is not one of them. OSNS has made a name for itself since 2012, having run notched up over one hundred different typographic classes to countless students and focussing on quality at every turn. OSNS is unique, being founded by a qualified design educator, and professional type designer which means that it is good to know you are learning from trusted teaching professionals. This 3-hour class is perfect for those who are new to typography,  designers who are looking to improve their typographic awareness, and switch off from the fast-paced digital world and immerse in something tactile and time-honoured. This introductory class is a key entry point for those who have entertained the idea of hand lettering and felt unsure about investing in a whole day or whole course. It is an ideal taster to a whole addictive world of letter crafting! This class cannot teach you everything, but it will get you started so that you can continue.

In Depth

You will work with traditional brush pen to learn two styles: Brush Script , which is the basis of a contemporary design language and Single Speed stroke. The traditional tool for Brush lettering and Brush Script is a regular pointed brush and paint. BUT first, we recommend that beginners start off using a brush pen. Just like trainer wheels, the brush pen is much easier to control. For the inexperienced, the challenges of using a real brush and paint can be daunting, and we want to build your confidence first. First learning how to draw the letters curves and shapes is essential as it builds confidence and scaffolds your learning,  before dealing with the additional challenge of brush and paint.




OSNS is led by Type Designer, Calligrapher,  letterer and  educator Veronica Grow who has made a name for herself being the first to teach slow typography and lettering arts in Australia exclusively when she founded OSNS in 2012. Since then she has taught Slow Typography  in New York at the leading School for Design – Parsons and studied type and lettering extensively in the USA at the Cooper Union in New York with Ken Barber of the famous House Industries and with the Designer’s Calligrapher: John Stephens. While a zillion followers have since started to teach the lettering arts , Veronica always falls back on her teaching and learning expertise, a focus on quality at every turn, and an inspiring team of typographic collaborators. Veronica and  OSNS have been profiled  by many international and local media, such as the The ABC, The Age, and Monotype Recorder.

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