Custom Type Design – A One Day Introduction to Glyphs Font design Software


Saturday 25 November


10.00am - 5.00pm


SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER! $170.00 just type in the code: mycustomfont. Be quick, offer ends Sunday 22 October.
$200.00 earlybird pay by November 1
$235 general fee


SPECIAL OFFER! To Grab your special offer discounted ticket for only $170.00 just type in the code: mycustomfont. Be quick, offer ends Sunday 22 October. Glyphs is perfect also for quickly drawing up logos from scratch and so much easier than Illustrator. Control, originality and standing out benefits not only your client but also the design studio who Tailor make Custom type that has been designed from scratch. It isn't difficult, and knowledge of font design software is essential. You will be taken through the very user-friendly Glyphs editing software and discover how its amazing features enable you to first draw your typeface and refine it very quickly. You won't complete your typeface in one day, but by the end of the day you will have exported your font into Indesign, learned how to test it so that you can continue developing and refining it in your own time. This class enables participants from the previous week's Type DNA class to digitize and refine the shapes, proportions, and spacing of their font, and export it into InDesign, so that it works as one sound professional typeface.

What's included

Comprehensive in depth lectures, demonstrations, critique, notes and one on one assistance


Old School New School
Abbotsford Convent, (Studio 1 A Mercator Building), 1 St Hellier St


Laptop (must be Mac), Trial or full version of Glyphs


Please Note, unfortunately we are UNABLE to refund or transfer your fees, so we ask that you please choose carefully. We are happy for you to transfer your ticket to a friend though.

In depth

Thanks to brilliant and affordable font design software Glyphs, designers now have control not just over page layout, but also the ability to work efficiently and quickly with the shape of letterforms with a proficiency that was unimaginable 15 years ago. This one-day crash course in glyphs typedesign application will get you started on the way to a creating your own font from scratch instead of simply modifying an existing font that is being used by your competitors. Big branding agencies will save the costly licensing fee incurred when a large number of employees set copy using a commercial typeface.  Using a custom typeface means that they’ll get their own “voice” at the same price as actually purchasing a font.If you are a lettering designer, it’s time to join the new breed of emerging designer who has decided not to stop at lettering but to continue the process and use the core DNA of your lettering piece to cont ue, and create a whole working typeface. Glyphs is user-friendly, and not intimidating at all.

First you will learn best practice for Drawing in Glyphs.

While drawing in glyphs has much in common with adobe illustrator, it is actually better, because you have more control over the editing of your shape due to many extra features that adobe lacks. You will go through a series of exercises that supply all the short cuts for editing your letter shapes, and smoothing and altering curves of letters. How to quickly align nodes, change nodes from corner to curve. You will learn how to smooth nodes and create super ellipses, and convert a straight line to a curve. You will learn how to slice shapes and join them with other shapes. You will learn about contour direction and components.

Then we will teach you how to develop your full character set

The following topics will be covered:
How to set up your Glyph Document
How to work in text mode
Spacing – How to space as you draw
Spacing groups – straight, round and half straight letters.
How to adjust sidebearings and Glyph width and link to other letters
Keyboard shortcuts for adjusting spacing
Spacing Chains
Which letters to draw first
How to export your font for use in Adobe Indesign
How to proof your font.




OSNS is led by Veronica Grow who has taught Slow Typography using Calligraphic technique in New York at the leading School for Design – Parsons. She  has also studied lettering at the Cooper Union in New York with Ken Barber of the famous House Industries. She is often interviewed about Typography by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  She is Melbourne’s most experienced teacher of typographic arts and understands how people learn best. She has run Type classes at Old School New School since 2012 started her teaching life as a Design Lecturer at  RMIT and is the Program Manager for the School’s Type Design Program.

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