Type DNA – Design Your Own Custom Font


Saturday 18 November


10.00am - 4.00pm


SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER! $170.00 just type in the code: mycustomfont. Be quick, offer ends Sunday 22 October.
Early bird fee ends Nov 1 $200.00
General fee $230.00


SPECIAL OFFER! To Grab your special offer discounted ticket for only $170.00 just type in the code: mycustomfont. Be quick, offer ends Sunday 22 October. Are you one of those hopeless aficionados of vintage signage? When you travel do you take A LOT of photos of signage? (isn't that all of us). Well, maybe it's time you took your collection of vernacular signage and started converting your favorites into a gorgeous custom font of your own?  Read on to find out how.

What's included

Comprehensive lecture and visual presentation, hand outs and access to the School's library of Type Design books, and specimens.


Old School New School
Abbotsford Convent, (Studio 1 A Mercator Building), 1 St Hellier St


Camera (Phone is ok), A3 pad of tracing paper, Graph Paper, 2B lead pencils preferably a clutch pencil either . 7 or .5, Note taking material


Please Note, unfortunately we are UNABLE to refund or transfer your fees, so we ask that you please choose carefully. We are happy for you to transfer your ticket to a friend though.

In depth

If you are curious about Professional Type Design, and keen to get started creating your own Custom Display Typeface to use exclusively on your own projects or for special clients, this one-day introduction class is the place to start.  Taking the class is a good place to start, as it will certainly demystify the whole type design process helping you to discover that it is logical and straightforward.  This is because every typeface consists of a visual system. Typographic systems are sets of visual rules that determine all of the decisions you make when designing a typeface, and enable characters to work together dictating their shape and size. If you follow this system, your typeface will be sound and well made

This class will teach you how to understand and define the visual system of any piece of lettering or signage so that you can find its  DNA to use as your starting point to design your own professional display typeface. This is a satisfying and fun process.  Once you have drawn your full character set, Type design is essentially a series of tests that eliminate all spacing and DNA inconsistencies, so that no one glyph dominates over the others.

Identifying parent forms enables us to group letters together that bear some resemblance to one another so that we can continue to design a whole character set using similar shared features. It isn’t as simple as it sounds though because when we try to combine the modular shapes of letters in the same way that we design lego, our words will look clunky.   Letters need to be shaped in relation to all the other letters, which means that we need to also look at the space between the letters. This is why type design is  related to lettering.

Key Understandings You Will Leave With

  • A clear understanding of  difference between Typography, Lettering, and Calligraphy and their relationship to one another
  • Optical Adjustments
  • Overshoot
  • Why certain letters look the way they do (due to the calligraphic tools that originally created them)

Key Skills You Will Leave With

  • How to make optical adjustments  (knowing how to make different letterforms appear to be the same size)
  • How to analyze letters to find and replicate the core DNA of a Group of Letters to create a new set of letters.
  • How to adjust the space between different letters for an evenly spaced professional word.
  • An efficient process to quickly and accurately draw great letterforms (Helpful tips and tricks) and then refine them. (sketching fast enables you to think big and is actually faster than drawing on the computer). You will be working with layers to quickly develop your solution.


About Veronica Grow

OSNS is led by Veronica Grow who has taught Slow Typography using Calligraphic technique in New York at the leading School for Design – Parsons. She  has also studied lettering at the Cooper Union in New York with Ken Barber of the famous House Industries. She is often interviewed about Typography by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  She is Melbourne’s most experienced teacher of typographic arts and understands how people learn best. She has run Type classes at Old School New School since 2012 started her teaching life as a Design Lecturer at  RMIT and is the Program Manager for the School’s Type Design Program.

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