• By OSNS

    Published on 13 March 2012

Have you heard of Sister Corita? she was the original singing nun back in the 60's whose artwork is renknowned for its coloured silk screen aesthetic based on adds of the time. Her students were always kept busy, painting, screening, but most of all LOOKING.

painting, screening, but most of all LOOKING. Being in the "now" and Looking, and seeing (and I mean really seeing) is one of the most valuable gifts you can have. It's a habit that you can learn though, and it encourages you to think, and it sparks new ideas and new ways of looking. So remember to look, and I mean by this to look for the small things. The small things are the most interesting always. The smile of a child, the hop of a sparrow, or the slant of a dog's tail are all the details that translated well help us tell stories effectively and make our work truly REMARKABLE! 

At Old School you can expect this nowness! anytime any place!