Be A Master Storyteller

  • By OSNS

    Published on 17 July 2013

Dear Friends, as the week draws to a close, and we look forward to the weekend, I thought I would quickly share with you a little story and share an email asking about our exciting and innovative NEW short course, Narrative and the Art of Storytelling. (name is changed for privacy reasons)

My name is Ben, I am an Urban Designer/Planner who runs a small business in those fields with my father. I am currently looking to improve my communication skills applicable to my current profession as well as expand my skill set so that I am better able to assist our clients with graphic design and marketing related work.

Do you think the narrative short course would be helpful for these needs and if so, are there still spaces left in the course?

If necessary, please let me know of any requirements regarding equipment/skills.

here is my answer:

Dear Ben

Thanks for your email

Essentially a good brand (that people like and want to interact with) is a good story! 

Via a series of exercises and projects, this course will give you an underpinning knowledge of how to artfully use word image colour type and even moving images to be really creative in the way you tell the story of your brand. You will also explore alot of expressive/creative writing techniques to utilise the power of language more effectively via title, juxtapositioning, narrative, similie and metaphor.

A good story teller also knows his/her audience , and can craft her message according to that audience in clever and surprising ways. 

The course is very exciting and fun, and we will demonstrate how these techniques can be carried across into your professional life to help you build audience, likes, loyalty, and your brand! when you finish the course your skills as a storyteller and cultural producer will be very powerful. Use them well! 

You will need a laptop, but you wont' be using it all the time, and you will need to have some typographic experience, and an adventurous mind. This course will provide something for all skill levels. I hope this helps. 

have a wonderful day, and thanks for contacting us!

warm regards

Veronica Grow

You see dear readers, what you may not realise is that storytelling is one of themost powerful forms of learning and sharing knowledge. A good story makes people talk about a brand. In fact, some good stories have such far reaching impact that they can make people change their behaviour, when they hold meaning in the mind better than random data in an era when we are all overloaded with information. 

So if you are in a rut, and finding that your current professional design work is numbing you over, then this course is for you! It will stretch you, and you will make some new and exciting work when you engage with your profession and think about it from a entirely different perspective. 

You will also gain new respect from your management, peers and clients when you develop a stronger vocabulary to describe your creative solutions and process. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet creatives from Melbourne's leading Creative Companies when you become part of the exciting Design Community at this edgy little New School for Design. In the past, we have had creative strategists from Channel 9, Designers from Cato Purnell, and Allen Unwin Books. They have loved our courses and so will you.