Ta Da! and Old School is Go!

  • By OSNS

    Published on 18 January 2012

It’s Lift off! and Old School has launched. So what has eventuated in this the first week of our life? 7 things: 

1. The Launch

The Old School site was finally launched with an announcement on twitter, and to be honest, I was pretty blown away by the response. Straight up, I was suprised to receive seventy followers on twitter, with many personal messages and responses from educators and designers alike. Special mention here goes to Dr Narelle Lemon from RMIT who has been one of best champions, tweeting and telling everyone. Thank you so much Narelle. (If you are an educator in any field Narelle has a really useful blog about teaching here it is: ABC Arts, Arts Hub, and Australian are now following Old School and Veronica Grow in Front. Dumbo Feather magazine also sent us an email. We hope that the word translates into some really exciting project work, making for a creative hubbub down here in Coburg. 

2. Auspicious Synchronicity with Craft Vic

Old is the New New was the Blogpost of the very same name that day by Craft Victoria. A true and fortuitous act of synchronicity we believe when great minds are thinking and talking on the same page. (I have told them not to copy☺)

3. Renovations

We have this awesome long swivel type bench on wheels that folds away, chairs are on their way (fantastic pink modernist ones), and the tradies will be in tomorrow to install lights and tidy up what could be the pretty front garden! . We want the place to feel welcoming. Stay posted for photos. You are going to love the crafty feel of "Old School", and our earthiness. We want Old School to feel like a workshop, not like a computer lab. 

4. Awesome Library Update 

The accompanying image to this post comes from the Free download of “Letterforms as Things” from the 1977 book by John R Biggs. You can download your own personal PDF for handy future reference in our resources page. This is a very rare and unique document, in which Biggs relates visually the ideas behind the design of Letterform by talking about the composition of the alphabet through horizontals, verticals, diagonals and circles. He explains (visually) what design devices are at the heart of the visual design of letters. The ideas plus the visual make a very satisfying read. 

6. Are you feeling Nosey? 

That's OK. We actually think that it is good to be on the nosey side, as it means that you are curious! We will be having an open studio session, (also a small celebration) probably one evening SOON for those who are curious! Watch this space. To some of our twitter followers, and new facebook friends we really hope you can make it, because we are curious to meet you! 

7. Readings Books

Are now stocking Veronica Grow’s new book "The What the Hell is Your Problem" KIt? A Kit for Uptight White People. You may be familiar with it? Written, illustrated and designed by Veronica.