March 2014

  • By OSNS

    Published on 17 April 2014

Autumn is upon us, my favourite time of year, when the shadows are long, the air warm, still and the light golden. The night time chill is welcomed after such an intense period of dry heat. Its been a long time since the summer has been so dry, and I am happy for some good soaking rain.

While Studio canine and feline while away these balmy days, I found a little bit of time early in March to get my hands dirty. Now though, the associated admin duties related to organising Letter by Letter with Stephen Banham, Design as Activity with Desktop Magazine, A two week Hand Lettering Workshop, plus getting our new cohort of Program Students nicely settled in has put a stop to this!

The School's new preselection process has been successful (we are the only School for Design in Australia that steps away from the Computer, and asks applicants to hand write and draw their application which they need to post via snail mail ). This has resulted in a first class contingent of vivacious students who are all highly engaged, smart, visually aware, curious, and well organised. The process and questions that the application asks are devised to help the School locate stand out applicants who are open minded, resilient, thoughtful, think creatively, and know how to express themselves clearly. The care applicants put into crafting their application (even the way that they address their envelope) reflects their personal pride in a way that an emailed PDF could never achieve. We are also looking for students who can work with their hands!

The questions this groups asks are always insightful,they work effectively together, and organise their time so that they can complete project work to a high level of resolve. They really want to be here, and when they arrive at OSNS, its game on! There's a lot happening and it gets noisy!

This culture is important, when it can be lonely and frustrating being the only student who has completed projects, always waiting for others to catch up. 

Next month I will be reporting on what happened at OSNS during April! 

Thanks so much for reading!