April Type By Hand Workshops

  • By OSNS

    Published on 5 September 2014

We ran a two day workshop "Type by Hand Workshop" in April which sold out quickly. One Saturday of Copperplate, and then the second of the Signpainting. The Copperplate is an excellent introduction to the Signpainting, because it helps participants gain basic understanding of HOW letters need to connect, and be shaped with correct flow and consistency. 

Sometimes I can really see the connection between Sport and what we practice at OSNS. Some students come to us, with absolutely no hand skills at all. The confidence, concentration and awareness of action that it takes to be a great sportsman is not too different to building up the same skill for lettering. Its a mental process that involves being physically aware and alert. Paying careful attention to what you are doing with your hands, and arms, and constantly correcting what you are doing. Who knows, Federer could have been a first rate letterer in my opinion:)

With Signpainting, taking the brush and feeling the letters through your fingers, and feeling the gesture of it when it all comes together to make something beautiful is immensely rewarding. Knowledge for life. I like to think for the truly creative, these skills will provide a way to stay anti-conformist and to step away from slavishly following design trends. 

I was delighted to meet Dawn Tan at Supergraph, and even more delighted when her partner Darren wanted to do our Hand Lettering (sign painting) workshop. I thought it would be fun to invite Dawn. You can see why she enjoys such a great reputation, because not only is she a warm and fun person, she is incredibly skilful. Her years of carefully drawing and painting transferred successfully into sign painting and copperplate, she picked the skill up quickly, and her outcomes were lovely. On top of this she gave me one of her stunning watercolour prints, with which I am sure you are all familiar! Lucky me! Something to cherish! You should jump over and look at her blog. Its a good read, and on top of it all, she takes a damn fine picture! (makes me feel ashamed of all these dark and gloomy images, i better start using my Nikon again! )