Veronica Grow talks about Design Education for Desktop Magazine

  • By OSNS

    Published on 18 September 2013

Thanks very much to Desktop for asking me to contribute to Design Education. It was indeed an honour to be placed on the same page as Steven Heller, and Peter Hall. 

It is indeed pertinent to ask Design Professionals what they think is missing from Design Education. However just as everyone is an expert on design (even though they have never actually tried to do do it and have no idea actually), why on earth are there so many education experts who have never tried to actually teach? Teaching itself is such a complex art form. Whenever anyone starts to teach they have grand ideas which are soon blown to dust by the realities of the human condition and what is involved. At times it can be a deprecating job, when you have not learned how to plan, package and deliver content. 

Teaching in the workplace also is different to teaching a group of learners. It is too easy to lose the interest and passion of your learner. Few truly understand the needs of the learner. Yes, it does bother me that so many industry professionals do not understand the art form that is called teaching. And it also bothers me that so many teachers (especially in our Secondary Schools) who are completely design illiterate. Especially when it comes to Typography. There is a huge divide between the two, but I really wish design professionals would get off their high horse, and I wish that educators would get out of their safe staff room mix it.