The Re-Belly-ion of the Beast

  • Date & time

    21 June 2013 6AM
  • Location

    Old School New School

Along with media partner Desktop Magazine, Old School and a special hand picked panel of erudite design masters is proud to provide a valuable opportunity for you to learn from global leaders. This new initiative breaks away from the traditional design competition model and instead facilitates personal and community growth over egos.

What does it mean to be free? 

To all designers, artists and activists this is an open invitation to demonstrate your power as cultural producer and use your creative skills to affect social change. 

I don't want to be a designer, a marketer, an illustrator, a brander, a social media consultant, a multi platform guru, an interface wizard, a writer of copy, a technological assistant, an applicator, an aesthetic king, a meme generator, a hit tracker, a re-poster, a sponsored blogger, a font or a page. I don't want to be linked in, tuned in, liked, incorporated, listed or programmed. I don't want to be a brand, a representative, or a best seller. I don't want to be a human resource or part of your human capital. 
Don't listen to the founders, the employers, the newspapers, the pundits, the editors, the forecasters, the researchers, the branders, the counselors, the Prime Minister, Michel Foucault or your brother in finance - there's something else!
I want to be a lover, a teacher, a wanderer, an assembler of words, a sculptor of immaterial, a maker of instruments, and an erratic muse. I want to be a community center, a piece of art, a wonky cursive script and an old-growth tree! I want to be a disruptor, a creator, an apocalyptic visionary, a master of reconfiguration, an illegal download, and a choose your own adventure. A licker of ice cream! An organizer of mischief! A double jump on the trampoline! A wayward youth! A partner! A volunteer. 
I want to be a curator of myself, an anti-preneur, a person. 
Unlimited availabilities. No followers required. Only friends.
- Danielle Ledue taken from Adbusters Australia April 2013

Why we design and not what we design has become an increasingly relevant question in the era of mass production and the corporate machine. 

Within a system that is primarily governed by financial motivations, it is important to remind ourselves of the power of design to promote ideas, attitudes and concepts. Yes, as Garland states in the First Things First Manifesto, good design can sell products and create need and desire, but it can also serve as an agent for social change and shake people’s core emotions. 

This Re-Belly-ion is a satellite initiative that helps celebrate the launch of our bold new publication Belly of the Beast which elaborates on these ideas with contributions by Luke Robertson, Patrick Carroll, Rosetta Mills, Meagan Deal, Magda Ksiezak and our collaborators the Conditional Designers Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus, Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters. The Beast discusses how we can bring humanity back into visual communication and create meaningful design by designing from the heart. It also examines how integral it is to promote positive attitudes towards community and sustainability.

The initiative also celebrates Old School's very first birthday!

We want to know what the Belly of the Beast means to you? What’s eating you? What is inside your belly? Who is your beast? Maybe the beast is that hidden force that exploits your freedom and controls your thoughts? Or is it your human cynicism? Corporate Advertising Cool? Our social imagination? Our egos? Greed? The Government? Big Business? Hyperrealism? Spectacle? Your deepest darkest fears? Or just plain design wank? 

In a world full of hype and noise we hope this exciting new initiative will inspire participants to think differently and encourage self-reflection, growth, sharing and learning as designers. 

Why is it that you design?

So What is The Rebellion of The Beast?

The Re-belly-ion of the Beast is a radical design engagement initiative that challenges the current sphere of the design ‘competition’ by showing what else design can be. We believe that designers should be working for a cause, not for applause, so we’ve decided to create a new, meaningful and fulfilling design challenge that encourages commentary amongst designers. This new process driven engagement that borrows from Memefest, inspires participants to see the competition as a stimulating and valuable learning experience that builds growth and community ties instead of egos.

This initiative celebrates the launch of Old School’s first design publication titledThe Belly of the Beast, which explores and celebrates the power that small individual creatives have in a bland overly corporate world. 

What to do to Win Big,
The Challenge

So for those who want to become the design industry's future leaders of change, we challenge you to contribute an innovative and socially engaged design solution that interprets what you believe the Belly of the Beast to be. 

Your solution may be presented as any form of visual communication; typography, sculpture, film, animation. It's up to you but we would encourage you to be different and try to think beyond the poster. We encourage submissions that are more conceptual, demonstrate a process driven approach and operate outside of the traditional. 

As an added creative challenge that also aligns itself with our ethos of designing with head, heart and hands, solutions must be hand made using found objects. 

Here are some interesting links which serve to inspire and get the creative juices flowing:

The Boring Bits;
The Specifics

• This project is open to everyone.
• 2D submissions must be no bigger than A2.
• 3D submissions larger than 30x30x30 will be exhibited as photographs. 
• All submissions must include one dazzling title image that really captures the essence of your project, as well as at least 3 professionally photographed images of your work and its process.
• Once completed, email these images as jpegs along with your rationale by 

Friday the 31st May 2013, to:

Important: Along with your submission you MUST include a rationale that addresses the ideas and motives behind your design. You will need to follow the rationale details which can be found here:


Prizes: $5000, Big Trophy, Boundless Glory
The Experiences

How it Works and What's in it For You.

To build a sharing community spirit, all works submitted will first be curated and posted on the Old School Re-Belly-ion of the Beast site (this will go live 29.4.13) along with any details and portfolio links entrants choose to include. This is a brilliant platform to stretch your community contacts and gain feedback regarding your project work so you actually learn something valuable.


The best part of this initiative is that we have carefully hand picked a diverse range of international and local designers who will select and critically appraise their three most preferred design solutions with helpful and supportive in-depth commentary. These solutions will be displayed online for all to share and comment on too if they wish. Those selected will be on display at The Re-Belly-ion of the Beast open night and celebratory exhibition which will be held at the school on Friday the 21st of June.

Celebratory Exhibition

Out of these works our adjudication panel will then select three solutions which they feel are the most engaging and resolved and on the opening night these finalists will receive the opportunity to become a Designer in Residence at Old School working on ground breaking design projects with a social emphasis.

This will be a brilliant night to remember. There will also be plenty of audience participation and activities.

We hope you will grab this rare opportunity to be one of the first who can show us how to use your skills to stand out and be remembered for creating powerful design that is more than just a poster. Something truly re-belly-ious that shows everyone that another world is possible.