OSNS at Supergraph 2014

  • Date & time

    2 February 2014 9:41AM
  • Location

    Old School New School

Old School was invited to participate in the 2014 Supergraph Contemporary Art Fair at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.

The only downer with Supergraph was the stinking humidity. But I was overwhelmed with people attending workshops, and also asking about our program and courses. I got to meet Dawn Tan from Hand Made Love (she has a good chuckle), Beci Orpin, who is gentle and a bit shy, lots of old Students! Saint Gertrude Press, Andrew Ashton from Studio Pip and Co, and Lane Delaney from Desktop Magazine. 

It was good to see the very lady like Bonnie Abbot from Desktop, Madelaine Stamer from Little Circus Design, and Frankie Radical Radford from the Design Kids, who has moved to Melbourne! 

I was sad to see our little Pop Up OSNS disassemble on Sunday night, and wish to thank Matthew Wych Done, and Amber for helping me out. Both are design graduates from RMIT and you might have seen their RMIT Graduation fun on instagram @immatureshow which was refreshingly different. 

Type was the name of the game, with Valentine's day Lost Art of the Love Letter on Friday night, and Typo Swearing the day after. I never had time to take Agnes walk about tho! 

Here are a few shots of the action and also a fine drawing of OSNS studio Dog Gertie, by Joining Forces Collective. Thankyou so much! It's her!