FEAST Social Design Initiative

  • Date & time

    14 March 2014 9AM
  • Location

    Old School New School
  • $20.00

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Old School New School brings you Feast Melbourne (Soup + Ideas = Positive Social Change) Ever had a great idea but didn’t have the funds to implement it? FEAST (Funding Emerging Artists through Sustainable Tactics) Melbourne is the event for you if you want your ideas heard! At the end of the night if you have the stand out idea, you will be funded. Pledge support here.

FEAST is operated by volunteers and funded by small, individual contributions. Like you. It needs your help.

FEAST Melbourne is the Melbourne reincarnation of the FEAST initiative which started in Brooklyn by co founder and social designer Jeff Hnilicka. It is a community based initiative where you get to enjoy a warm bowl of soup whilst exchanging and engaging in ideas that help build social wealth and actively engaged communities. Plus you get to meet some great people. Design is a people centred process, and sharing food, to build community and kick start great ideas is where it all begins! Work for a cause not for applause!

We aren’t looking for ideas that make things “pretty”. We’re looking for and supporting ideas that promote social wealth and increase community engagement. Here and here, is some inspiration.

Photo credit 2014

Below are the banners of the supporters that have kindly donated generously to make this project worthwhile. Why? Because they believe that Designers can do more than make pretty stuff, they can use their typographic and image making skills to inspire us to think differently, and make the world a better place. Designers can create positive social change.

If you are keen on placing your logo here, just click through to the pozible site, where you can purchase one of just four, and show how progressive you are.

If this sounds interesting to you, we want you to participate in this event! We are looking for anyone who cares about creating social change. Calling all students, designers, artists, architects, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers, teachers, community leaders, and passionate individuals who believe in positive change! Send in your ideas! to

Go to the Pozible site here and give generously to help create change.

Your ideas will need to be realistic and achievable, but we are open to anything you want them to be. You could be concerned with the environment and want to plant trees; help impoverished children; start a community nature-strip herb garden; teach kids about sustainable practices; organise a neighborhood street party; or want to encourage people to use technology less and to instead connect with each other more. It could be anything!


If you think you can make positive social change happen, read on.

How it works:

  1. Come up with an amazing idea that will help promote positive social change 
  2. Fill out and email your application questions to feast@ 
  3. If you are successful, you will be one of four people asked to present your idea on the night. You’ll have four minutes to propose your idea to a group of like minded people, without digital equipment, and be required to answer follow up questions. 
  4. Enjoy your soup and your four minutes of fame! 
  5. If you are the winner, go forth and implement your awesome idea and tell the world about it!


If you want to help make social change happen, read on.

How it works:

  1. Tell your friends, family, peers and colleagues about this event and help us garner interest! Share the FB event page! here
  2. Come to the event with an empty stomach and an open mind 
  3. Donate $10 for your delicious soup which will help fund the winner’s idea. Your payment provides you with a ticket which will allow you to vote. You can do that via Pozible here 
  4. Be inquisitive and ask the presenters questions to help you decide on who to vote for 
  5. Use your ticket to vote for your favourite idea, and by favourite we mean the idea that you think will be the most successful in promoting positive social change 
  6. Share and meet other like minded people to spark new ideas and communities


If you want to help make this event happen, read on.

How it works:

Let us know how you can help or alternatively, here are a few simple ways that you can help.

  1. Talk about this event and help us “social media” the heck out of this 
  2. Volunteer some time to help us out during the event. We’ll need help setting up, cleaning up, cooking, and serving. 
  3. Help fund the winner’s idea by donating more than the $10 for your soup via pozible here. 



Your idea will be assessed on 3 simple criteria:

  1. Is your idea realistic and achievable given the parameters? 
  2. Does your idea successfully promote positive social change? 
  3. Are you willing to come back and share how you have implemented the idea and how it turned out? 

We’ll be selecting the top four applicants to present their idea on the night, based solely on their application form. You’ll be contacted via email by the 30th September 2013 if you are one of the top four applicants.

The Winner

  1. If you are voted as the winner on the night, you will be given the proceeds from the evening to use solely for the purpose of implementing your idea into the world 
  2. You will provide us with a brief and images by 4 November 2013 to show that you have spread your idea