Belly of the Beast Launch Party

  • Date & time

    6 November 2013 6AM
  • Location

    Old School New School

We were delighted when the turn out last Friday night for the launch of the Belly of the Beast, Old School Press's first publication, made for a full house of people clearly interested in the social role of Communication Design!

Visitors were welcomed from a clear winter's night by our solstice fire when they arrived to look at the body of work from designers including Yan Yan Candy Ng and Henrik Joseffson who submitted excellent entries to the Rebellyon of the Beast. Our visitors were also keen to see the rather spiffy collection of work from our first group of students. Our students Megan, Sooz and Brooke spoke about Identity, Storytelling and Typography, and then Designers Rosetta Mills and Patrick Carroll discussed the design process of the Belly of the Beast. 

We were especially fortunate to have David Lancashire officiating and to declare the Publication Launched! Lancashire was chosen for this task due to the Old School philosophy he shares with us. Designers need to get off the computer says Lancashire. Working with the hands sharpens visual perception, and learning to draw properly teaches one how to see and understand typography.This was emphasised clearly by Lancashire when he explained that he had to work for a whole YEAR in black in white, before permission to use colour was granted. Lancashire made parallel to Old School with the Night Class for working class children he attended in Northern England as a youngster. He told us how the RMIT management could not understand why he insisted that Graphic Design Students must learn drawing as part of their Course Curricula back in the nineteen eighties when he was on the advisory board. Our audience was enthralled when he spoke! Thankyou so much for making the effort to visit after a day of judging the Create Awards David! It was great having you here. 

You can purchase a copy of the special first edition here