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In this section, we look forward to sharing all the latest School news and events, and a special section on wisdom, with writings that questions current design practice. 


"I'm not too sure what happened but the things I used to be interested in now seem so shallow. There's so much noise already, we don't need any more and I'm not comfortable with helping people sell things either. Same Briefs, same keywords, same small talk"

Slow Typography

This is a forward about Slow Typography that I wrote recently for a book on Philipino Vernacular Signpainting for The Office of Culture and Practice in the Philipines. 


The School is actively involved in many Melbourne events. such as the NGV's Melbourne Now, Supergraph, Finders Keepers, as well as mobile pop up typography events with our Typo Truck Agnes. You can keep up to date with new events here, and if you would like to invite us to an event, we would love to hear from you. 


Don't allow others to project what being a designer is onto you. Don't try to fit in. Develop your own process and philosophy about what you do. These design needs promote individuality and authenticity, something that the Design Industry needs to embrace. 

Know your strengths

In a collaborative learning environment, we work together to help you discover your individual key strengths. This is the key for a satisfying personal and professional life.


Learning the real reasons behind people’s motivations and behaviours, in turn translates into knowledge, and more effective design solutions.


Agility over perfection !


Curiosity drives our work and lies at the heart of everything we do


Veronica Grow is often invited to share expert opinions on typography, and design education with Media organisations such as ABC, Frankie Magazine, Desktop Magazine, and the Melbourne Weekly Review. 

Since the School's inception two years ago, our students have punched well above their weight,  featuring twice as Fresh Talent for Desktop Magazine. 

Veronica Grow Interview with Melbourne Age

Thoughts and opinions of School Founder Veronica Grow were featured in an excellent interview "The Age" on the relevance of children learning Handwriting on January 2. The article discusses how ...

Veronica Grow Radio Interview with ABC 774 Libbi Gorr

July 2015 Discussing how and why Typography works 

"Typography is the silent persuader of our time - typographers are telling you stories and manipulating meaning"

"We experience type on 2 levels ...