Sean Cunningham

Courses taken

The Newspaper Club – Independent Publication Design Short Course
Type Design Program - Part 2
Type Design Program - Part One
Type Carousel!

The experimental curriculum of Typography as Design Culture Programignites ignites passion and skills in typography. The course has pushed me immensely and fed those parts of me that attracted me to visual design in the first place: a curiosity of how the world is and could be, a love of using a pen or pencil, a desire to not just be a trained conduit for corporate voices but to make meaningful work that mattered and moved people in ways that surprised and delighted. 

The course has given me the confidence and direction to pursue the motivation to create. To move. To change. This is the same motivation that had me write a story as a kid and pick up a can of spray paint at 16 and now craft a piece of lettering at age 29.  This is the exciting place where storytelling, words and design collide.  Other artists and designers such as Timothy Goodman, James Victore, Frank Chimero, Alan Fletcher have explored similar areas and this is what I will pursue. 

The course has helped me see many new things and to see the possibility of pursuing work that might not have been done before, so I now know more about what I want.  I want to communicate to people in a worthwhile way, to hone a voice that is unique and compelling and use both words and visual design whenever I can. I want to persuade people.