Kelly Walsh

I found the learning environment at OSNS made it really easy to discuss any design problems I was having. Creating type by hand really shook things up as I began to realise that the first version isn’t meant to be perfect, and doing more iterations means more fun anyway! 

The Type and Publication Design brief enriched me as a typographer. Publication Design is an excellent challenge and I liked playing around with the sequencing of my piece, and creating type by hand definitely helped inform my solution for this project. Inspired by  astonishing library of excellent design books at the school, I pushed myself to combine multiple typefaces, where previously I had quite a restrained approach to typesetting multi-page documents. This especially helped to give a unique voice to my publication, and elevated it to a new level of sophistication.

From this project I have a new understanding of creating experimental typography that is wholly related to the content of the text. I am looking forward to applying this knowledge to future projects that will be conceptually driven.