Brooke Thorn

Courses taken

Type Design Program - Part 2
Type Design Program - Part One
Type Lab - Hand Crafted Letterforms - Copperplate Calligraphy

Old School is different in every sense. Old School is how I imagined my own Interior Design schooling would be, and it is also how I imagined I wanted to teach design when I was in a teaching role. 

Large university design institutions have massive amounts of bureaucracy which stifle good teaching practice, and often the people at the head of the Design Schools making all the decisions on academic outcomes have no passion for teaching and sometimes not even a passion for design. So the whole thing gets weighed down by procedure, red tape and making money. There are plenty of wonderful teachers in those institutions, but with the large class sizes they have to deal with, the lack of admin support and the diminishing motivation of students in these classes; it’s a really hard slog. 

The roots of Old School are fundamentally different to large design institutions. It is driven by a single person, who clearly has a passion for design and for education. And so with Veronica at the helm the focus is directly on the students and how they can individually improve themselves and their design thinking. 

The assignments are written to inspire and to engage the students… and it is hard work! But that’s the point. Because of the small class sizes, we are all motivated to be there and to produce the best we can. We get comprehensive, clear and unambiguous verbal feedback of our work on a weekly basis, and constructive and thorough written feedback every four weeks. And we have to engage with each other in class and give each other feedback, advice and leads. We are encouraged to work together, as well as independently, in a stimulating and supportive environment.