Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh applied for OSNS' design program keen for a new challenge to develop her visual and strategic thinking. Growing up in Dunedin, New Zealand, she began her design studies while finishing her Bachelor Degree in Neuroscience. She moved to Melbourne six years ago, attained a Certifiacte IV in Design at Shillington, and transitioned into work as a Graphic Designer. With OSNS, Kelly was able to improve her hand lettering with the long term aim of being able to work for herself, specialising in letterpress and screen printing.

What has inspired you?

The astonishing library of excellent design books at the school, the skills of talented hand letterers, signpainting, experimenting with different tools, finding new colour combinations while travelling, new music.


What do you love?

I love letterforms. I think the dopaminergic pathway in my brain is directly linked to the cortex of letterform appreciation. I love Tombows, the smell of a newly printed book, Ken Barber’s work, seeing other student’s work, and the weekly motivation.


Where did you push yourself with pleasing results?

I pushed myself in the Sequence Cinematics Project - The Assembly of Image & Type brief in particular – attempting to learn After Effects in a week! In particular, I pushed myself to do many versions in the Identity Design Project and created more playful iterations in the Publication Design Project.

In what ways have you grown and what is your new knowledge?

My work now has  a strong conceptual emphasis, and I take time to consider a dazzingly brilliant solution – in direct contrast to my current role where churning artwork out to deadlines means that the creative process is short circuited. I am really grateful for my renewed enthusiasm and motivation for the hand–drawn.

Where do you feel more confident? And how will this affect your practice?

I feel more confident in generating design solutions that are more left–of–field, playful, experimental and spirited. Clever Design with soul. I am focussing on a lot of new self–initiated projects so I will maintain my momentum!


What have you learned about type and letterform construction through designing your own font?

I found this brief very challenging, but also extremely rewarding. It has really sharpened my eye for subtleties in typography and I am keen to finish the Capitals and extended Glyphs in the future. This project was great to get into the really fine points of font construction, and it was great to experiment with different Brushscript letters by hand first. The biggest challenge was getting all of the letterforms to look consistent, and to ensure that the spacing in between letterforms was working, especially due to the linking terminals.