Typography Emporium at Supergraph

Live Fieldwork Project for the School in this year 2015 started with the in house design of promotional materials for our Typography Emporium at Supergraph. Designed livery included T shirts, badges, and pictured postcards 

The letterforms of our alphabet all consist of just straight lines, triangles and circles, and this is the starting point for the OSNS 2015 Postcard, which also sits well with the OSNS logo. The typographic theme and colours are continued through into badges and T Shirts, which featured at the Type Emporium and were a big hit with the public! 

We feel that showcasing student work at Supergraph is a positive alternative to the round of grad shows that take place in November. It provides a unique opportunity for students to make work that engages directly for the public, and also enables students to interact with the public, when grad shows are usually for families and friends.