The Belly of the Beast


June 2013

By OSNS Press

$30.00 per copy

With its fundamental belief that good design is central to social value, community, and social change, The Belly of the Beast is designed by OSNS talent as a manifesto to inspire everyone to rethink his or her design practice, and step away from the keyboard to reconnect with what is important.


To emphasize the importance of hands on “making” in the creative process, and the value of process over product, the format features arresting visuals of Students’ hand work, which is beautifully integrated with carefully considered typographic detail. A corresponding series of color-coded sections convey the central tenet that holistic design engages the head, heart and hands.

It serves as a bold manifesto for the progressive ideals of a truly fantastic design school, discussing the significance of the designer as an agent of social change. The publication also examines how integral it is to promote positive attitudes towards community, sustainability and bringing humanity back into visual communication. With contributions by Luke Robertson Eve Dullaart of the Conditional Designers, Rosetta Lake Mills and Veronica Grow. For a quick limited preview of the Belly of the Beast’s 50 pages of content, find the online link here.


58pp magazine

Type Apercu by Colophon Foundry