Typo Truck

  • September 2013

OSNS Hits the Streets of Melbourne With New Pop Up Typography and Hand Lettering Events

Come! help Agnes the Typo Truck find new lovers of lettering, when she hits High St Northcote this Saturday 28th September at 10.30 am! (read about Agnes' search for love at the bottom of the page) 

When did you last pen a hand written letter to a friend, or receive one? Receiving something tactile and hand written in a time poor world means more than it ever did. Did you know that the art of hand lettering and calligraphy is dying? In actual fact some school students in USA are unable to read (let alone) write cursive? 

With this in mind, it is an art that we want to help revive at OSNS because we believe it is important to help revive and maintain these craftsOur aim is to do it via teaching copperplate which you may see referred to on craft blogs as Modern Copperplate. Actually there is no such thing as Modern Copperplate, but it does have a particularly good ring to it. The small kits we are making provide an example and a few tips. 

If you are lucky, our exceptionally skilled lettering expert Kitty Lo might create a gorgeous card for you (as pictured). As a lettering purist, Kitty will be only too happy to explain good calligraphy from poor! 

Meet Agnes, our New Typo Truck: and read about her rescue, and new quest for love below:

To my lost lover,

Gone are the days that you and I would trundle together down Percy Road. We would laugh and show the world our love of type and our love for each other. How dashing you were in your Baskerville shoes. I liked Bodoni and you liked Didot, but that didn't matter. 

I thought our love would last forever, but sadly time marched on and you embraced newer, younger models. I yearned for your return and the caress of your hand. Sadly, (around 1985?) your hands found a new lover in the keyboard. 

There I was, lonely and forlorn in a junk shop for what felt like an eternity. Someone finally found me though, and I was given another chance to find new love on the streets of Melbourne. Her name was Old School New School. Her, along with her band of type and lettering lovers have rescued and repaired me, and together we will find new love. You see, Old School New School knows how important my handmade craft of letterforms is to achieve graphic design and typographic excellence!

Goodbye my lost lover. Stick to your unoriginal keyboard. I know you are both doomed. You have lost the magic.


Formerly your typo truck.

Below is a picture of poor Agnes in the somewhat sad neglected condition we found her in!