Exhibition of the New Generation of Calligraphers and Letterers

  • November 2015

This exhibition is a new milestone in the realisation of my dream to bring design back to the basics, and at the same time, help empower designers to work together as a community. As you can see the work is of the highest standard possible, and demonstrated to the public just what can be achieved by hand. The studio was so full that at some stages we were unable to fit everyone into the space. I can't really thank Nelle May Pierce and Madeline Deneys enough for mobilising the whole exhibition, as well as helpers Luis Penuela, Danielle Sweeney, Ruby MacKinnon, Liesl Chuah, Zinnia Cheng, Luis Chiang, and Taylor Zhou who all made everything possible! Power to the people! 

Words by OSNS Copperplate Club Life Force Nelle May Pierce pictured on the left, with Madeline Deneys on the right. Both Madeline and Nelle May organised the whole exhibition from planning the initial concept, writing the exhibition brief, and organising all of the exhibitors. 

We had a jam packed opening night of the "Someday is Now" exhibition of hand crafted calligraphy by the School's Next Generation of calligraphers, followed by a steady flow on Saturday and a whirlwind of a Sunday. A big thank you to everyone who shared their work and energy over the weekend both through your participation in the copperplate collective in the last 6 months, your beautiful calligraphy submissions for the exhibition, helping us hang the work, bringing along food, drinks, bottle openers, and fancy fingerfoods to the opening, and your work on the ground, making the weekend special with smiles, chatter, legwork, and maybe a little sunburn. The work was very well received by the public, who have sent in a constant stream of emails requesting to purchase pieces from the exhibition. 

You are a beautiful bunch of humans and I've felt really proud to be a part of it. Visitors really loved our live lettering (including calligraphy quotes from live readings of childrens books, fabulous custom brush-script in the courtyard and some very kooky requests for alien aliases from unusual visitors) and learning about upcoming classes and the potential to learn new skills. And of course the reception to the exhibition was fabulous. Visitors were very impressed and inspired by the refreshed potential for an age old art, and opened up to the world of Corita Kent – exactly what we intended! We even had some enquiries to buy the work and book our members for work, which is another great sign of things to come!

We have some fantastic shots from the Opening night by the fabulous Taylor Zhou, and many more from the weekend – including individual shots of the work taken before chaos ensued. We'll make sure the images are available to you asap so that you can add them to your websites, social media and portfolios. I'll also encourage you to add your photos to a shared folder so we can take our pick of the best for our own purposes.

Looking forward to our next meetup in December, the last one for the year, where we can celebrate, debrief, and share some cool ideas for Christmas. Sassy and cheesy birthday greetings welcomed! See you all there, and thank you all again. LOVE YOU GUYS!!