Hip Hop Hooray!

  • August 2014

Real World Design Project Learning for OSNS Students - Designing For Good.
Over July, OSNS students teamed up with Sass Cocker from Ask Alice Stationery for a live project, to hand letter a Calendar which will raise money to fund Indigenous Hip Hop Programs. IHHP uses the power of hip hop music, dance and art to engage and empower disadvantaged Indigenous youth, their families and communities to make positive choices for themselves.

The design and lettering students that have worked on this project are (current) Joyce Wong, Elena Fombertaux, Sarah Dunk, Zanin Lawrence Politis, Timothy Rodgers, (and past) Jeffrey Philips (Jeff the Peff), Dawn Tan, Rebecca Hayes, Lyn Tran, Josie Fox, and practically our first ever student ! Magda Ksiezak of Okay Kiosk! 

This is Sass's third calendar now, the previous two having each raised $15,000 i for the Asylum Seekers Centre, and a special program to rehouse unwanted dogs. Its a brilliant collaboration between Sass, printers, paper suppliers, which utilises the skill of our students to help create positive Social Change. 

Managing the task has been quite involved, because this was the first time some of the students had worked on a professional job that must pay its way in the real world which of course always brings restrictions. Taking creative direction from a new design professional was a valuable learning experience, which clarified the role of communication within the creative process. For other students it was an opportunity to experiment with a different aesthetic. Awareness of the intricacies of the nuances of how different communication styles affect the design process is much stronger now, and the importance of remaining emotionally detached from one's work to focus on the task at hand as you work toward a solution that is appropriate has also been highlighted. 

Each student hand lettered a set of Inspirational Hip Hop Lyrics for their chosen month for the Calendar, which will also be letter pressed by Amy of Saint Gertrude Letterpress! I am sure Sass will have no trouble at all selling 1000 copies which are targeted toward the demographic that likes to read Frankie! We are super charged that wwo of the pages are lettered by Dawn Tan, and Jeffrey Philips (aka Jeff the Peff) who have both done hand lettering education here! Pictured below is Sass Cocker from Ask Alice taken at OSNS when she briefed f the students, and also a small sneak peak of lettering by Zanin Lawrence Politiis, and Dawn Tan, and a proofing WIP meeting at Little Gold Studios.