Old School Press

Old School Press is our professional Communication Design Studio, and is therefore responsible for all the design output of the School. Many of the professional projects such as the Belly of the Beast have provided real world learning knowedge for the students, not just in typography, publication design and production, but also in public relations, media management, and event management. 

Field Work

Live Field Work Projects provide the opportunity for students to safely  test the skills that they have aquired over phase one and two of the program. Many of the projects have a community emphasis and help create value in the world. All the projects are real and professional, and need to earn their keep in the real world by inspiring, provoking, educating and influencing behaviour.  One example of a Field Work Project is the Hip Hop Hooray hand lettering calender, produced by Ask Alice Stationery, and hand lettered by OSNS talent, to raise $20,000 for Heaps Decent Hip Hop Projects for disadvantaged youth. Working to a tight professional brief, dealing with different personalities, understanding art direction, and taking on board criticism were learning challenges for all students involved in the project. 

The Lab

The Lab is a risk free experimental  learning space for our students, where they are free to explore, test, and synthesise new theories, understandings and knowledge in Typography, Cultural Theory, Conceptual Development, Publicaton Design and Identity without fear of failure. After two semesters working in the Lab, students take their new findings out to work in the Field. (see Field Work) 


Collaboration and Partnership with allied professionals are a special feature of the School, which enable our students to gain real world experience working on live projects that must earn their own keep in the real world to gain traction. They are essential to the research agenda of School founder, and inform everything that we do. If you have a worthy idea, and would like to collaborate with us, we would love to hear from you. Have a look through the site to see who some of our key collaborators have been in our journey so far.