Type Remedial

WE ALL NEED specialised feedback as this enables you to create great type! Your whole project rests on your typographic skill! With this in mind, our Type Remedial for design professionals and students alike is a unique typographic refresh. And you don't even need to pay an annual membership to improve your typographic sensibility. You will get thorough feedback so that you can refine a specific project and ultimately your practice in general. It offers the chance for all participants to fine-tune and reconnect with type, gaining a solid understanding of how to develop typographic flair and finesse. 

This is achieved when you work collaboratively and receive a second opinion in a constructive, positive learning environment.  Freelancers working alone from home !  Students.. this is for you ! 


  • Date & time

    28 May 2015
    7PM - 10PM


    Sold out
  • Location

    Old School New School, 242 Victoria Street, Brunswick VIC 3056
  • Cost

    Early Bird: $35.00 per session + booking fee (ends January 29)

    General Bird: $45.00 per session + booking fee

    Please Note ! fees are not refundable ! however, we are happy for you to pass your ticket onto a fellow type enthusiast if you find that you cannot make it ! 

Sometimes our type treatments leave us feeling lost and confused as we stare at our work, knowing that our project could pop. Sometimes, our creation is dazzling, and we can't even see that it is. Yet the solution often evades us and can be so obvious! Then our whole project gets us stuck in a design rut, leaving us frustrated and lacking in stamina and spark. Sadly, we never finish them! (Sound familiar?) 

OSNS offers you the opportunity to just treat it as a mild case of design blues and cure it at our new Type Remedial session. This is because we are passionate about the value that good typography brings to any project. We understand how as freelancers, design professionals or even students, it can be frustratingly impossible to find valuable comprehensive feedback on our work that we sorely need. Enjoying this in a fun, social and highly productive experience, you can only benefit from a Type Remedial at OSNS. This is a brilliant opportuntity to get you out of your rut and meet a new crowd of people too! 

Is this only for experienced designers? 

No matter what level of experience you have this is for all levels. If you already have alot of experience, you will definitely gain further insight and ideas that you never even dreamed possible, about where and how to take your work. You will have the opportunity to test the user experience of your typography, gaining valuable insights into what your project is saying, and how it is saying it. Your learning will help other participants think and learn too. We all have to start somewhere, and our unique learning environment is renknown for empowering and supporting those with less experience.  We are all in this together. 

What to Expect

There are no egos at OSNS, when all opinions are valued and listened to in a participative and structured learning environment. These sessions are similar to a typography club; and you can expect to be involved at this casual gathering that facilitates like-minded designers to share thoughts, resources and advice about each other’s work. 

What you Take Away

You will leave with much more than useful solutions  to improve your work.  Through actively describing and discussing your own design process and listenening to others, your understanding of your own process will be stronger and you will realise that you have strengths you never knew about before. And you will develop better strategies to 
confidently explain and justify your design decisions and impress  your peers, clients, and art directors. You will leave with valuable new friends to turn to for future collaborations. 

How each Session Works 

These friendly sessions  are very well structured and directed.  You won't be left on the sidelines sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Everyone will feel included and you will feel valued. 

In a small group of ten,  each participant receives, and is expected to give feedback supportive environment. If talking about your work is personally challenging, the session is a safe place to build this skill.  Each indvidual not only has their project work critiqued by Veronica and the group,  but assists to critique the work of the other members of the group. 

Everyone is an active participant within the whole process. The success of these sessions relies on the extensive  experience of design educator Veronica Grow whose students are always grateful for what they provide. She is also an experienced type designer, and publication designer. 

Order of Activity

You will bring one project along to the session that you are working on, for typographic critique. This project could be anything that involves type: A poster, a publication, an identity system, a font, an infographic, a website, a film.... the list goes on...  

The order of Activity goes like this: Each participant starts the night completing a criteria sheet of pointers about their typographic choices which  they use as a guide.  Once completed, all the work along with the comments and thoughts of its producer are reviewed by the group. This is when the session really gets into gear. Veronica Grow uses her experience to guide and  leads the session, project by project, when each project is discussed in depth by the whole group and Veronica. If time permits, the rest of the evening is spent refining your work, culminating in a final review the following week (for those who wish to return). 

Why do this?

As designers, typography speaks, typography expresses. Good typography conveys messages with authority, and distills  concepts into  simple messages, enabling audiences to grab the message quickly. There is no such thing as bad typography, but there is excellent typography. Typography that lacks consideration, and has not been thought through simply adds to the clutter of our visual environment. It fails to attract our attention and is usually dismissed and ignored. Much like bad breath, few will let you know if your typography is simply average. 

Who would benefit from these sessions?

So with this in mind, seasoned design professionals can do with some type remedy when they have spent too many years following safe formulas, and want to discover an alternative typeface to Helvetica thin, and Meta. 

Freelancers who are looking for exciting alternative design events with new fresh faces will love what's on offer, when they get to  share their knowledge and update their understanding of typography in an inclusive space where people are friendly and talk to one another ! If you come alone, its impossible to feel on the outer here at OSNS. We don't believe in design heroes. 

University students can feel overwhelmed by the competitive learning environment of university, and feel intimitated and disheartened by unrealistic notiions of design celebrity and design culture. These myths are shattered here, when you are placed first, and you discover that we are all not so different.  Confidence is the key to giving work that edge to bring it up to a really high standard to impress lecturers and peers, and maybe learning in a different environment  where it feels safe to have opinions, safe to fail, and you don't feel judged will give you the break you need?  

Essentially, this is for those who are excited by typography, driven by the pursuit of creating exceptional work and those looking to meet fellow type nerds. Those who want to know more about typography, and essentially those who want to be the best designers they can be. 




Mock-ups or print outs, of  your print-based project. This could be anything:

A report
An infographic
A publication
A poster
A flyer
A website
An animation
A film
A book

Pencil and notepad (to sketch your ideas and feedback)

An open mind, as you need to be prepared to discuss and share ideas about your work , and that of others.  



Early Bird: $35.00 per session + booking fee (ends January 29)

General Bird: $45.00 per session + booking fee

Please Note ! fees are not refundable ! however, we are happy for you to pass your ticket onto a fellow type enthusiast if you find that you cannot make it !