Type Lab – Hand Crafted Lettering Brush Script

As well as being popular right now did you know how super friendly and flexible this versatile little work horse called Brush Script lettering is? You will have alot of fun in our new dream Atelier Lettercraft Lab set in the gorgeous Abbotsford Convent, as you discover how the versatility and adaptibility of brush script make it super useful for a wide range of applications. Logo Design, editorial layout, and other lettering styles too. be amazed to find that there is  so much more than you ever imagined you can do with this technique ! There are so many places you can take it! Emerging from the modern phenomenon of 20th century advertising it has its own special history ! 

  • Date & time

    22 August 2015
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    Old School New School, Abbotsford Convent Mercator 1, St Hellier St Abbotsford
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    $220.00 earlybird discount pay by Mon 16 August

For fellow lovers of typography and those who pursue classic lettering excellence,  this highly popular Masterclass means you can share my learnings from last year's trip to the world epicenter of Typography,  New York's Cooper Hewitt, where I honed my Brush Script Lettering under the tutelege of  legendary typographer and letterer for House Industries:  Ken Barber! You will discover that from a typographic perspective, Brush Lettering and Brush Script are technically products of drawing because they have less to do with writing or calligraphy when much of what we have traditionally admired is composite lettering that has been edited to suit a desired mood, or adapted to suit different media.  For the first part of this session you will learn the secrets to drawing technically correct brush lettering. How to hold and angle the brush, and what makes good brush lettering are where it starts. In the afternoon you will build on this skill and learn how to adapt and style your lettering to a highly crafted end product, to suit an amazing multitude of purposes and voices. 


In other words, you start with true Old School learning by getting back to the basic  solid foundation skills  of Brush Script, and then we encourage and demonstrate how you can  create a word mark that steps beyond "swirligraphy". For the typographically obsessed, this class is a technical exploration of Brush Script that enables you to adapt your style to appropriate applications. It is about being able to produce more than one style and it is also about discovering the tiny details and finesse that make good letters and good type.  

By first learning the foundation strokes to draw letters, then joining  the letters to construct wordmarks, you will develop the skill to improvise and create your own unique hand drawn brush script lettering, suitable for a range of applications. The sky is the limit! There will be plenty of tips and techniques introduced to help you really get creative and extend your repertoire. 

It is not mandatory, but our copperplate masterclass is good to do first especially if you do not draw, as copperplate and brush script share fundamental gesture, and the copperplate will help with precision and control to make skill acquistion in this class much easier.  If you do have previous copperplate calligraphy skills you wlll find that your lettering repertoire and skill is further extended when you start creating new hybrid letter forms. 

The colourful history of brush script which emerged last century is an interesting course componenet, and once you know this history, the difference between "brush lettering", and "brush script lettering" will be obvious! 

Who this is suitable for:

Graphic designers, who want to learn more about typography or hand lettering. You don't need to have good hand writing already! This has more to do with drawing than writing. 

Anyone who wants to be a better typographer. Period. Completing this workshop will heighten your awareness of "colour" of a word or logo mark, and the true relevance of detail in a way that working digitally can never achieve. It will give you a depth of knowledge about letterforms to help you to  draw a much wider range of styles type styles with a deep understanding of line rhythm, movement and texture in ways that you could never have previously  imagined. 

Illustrators, or anyone who has a general interest in learning about typography, and wants to incorporate beautiful letterforms into their project work or creative practice. 

Signpainters who want to improve their brush technique  

Participants Take Away: 

A Workshop Kit to get you started so that you can keep practising after the workshop: consisting of:

Practice guide 
A variety of different alphabets and lettering styles to use as a guide. 
Tracing paper
Specialised Brush Pen 

A highly specialised resource list of recommended reading that takes you deeply into the history and technique of brush lettering and brush script lettering, for those who want to specialise in the technique. 

A greater understanding of typography. Behind any great Typeface is someone who understands who understands how letters are constructed. Calligraphy and brush lettering is the root of why we have so many great digital typefaces. 

One highly resolved piece of brush script lettering that is executed to perfection and you can be really proud of! Perfect spacing, perfect balance, perfect letterform, perfect colour ! 

You will need to bring

white out

Refund Policy

Please note!  it is not possible to refund workshop fees. If you cannot attend, tickets are transferable to your friends or anyone else who is interested but we cannot do this for you. So please choose very carefully and check commitments prior to booking. 


We supply you with as much lady grey tea, coffee and sparkling mineral water as you can drink ! There is a fabulous bakery on site where you can buy some lunch, and lovely gardens to take a refreshing stroll. You will go home feeling restored and happy ! 


$220.00 earlybird discount pay by Mon 16 August