Copperplate Calligraphy Penmanship - The Next Level

A highlight of this advanced class is definitely learning to draw these spectacular majuscles that were orginally penned by 19th Century Spanish Calligrapher: Vincent Valliciergo. Imagine adding these to your lettering retinue ! This class is for those who already know how to hold a pointed pen and have a fundamental understanding of the basic strokes.  If you’ve ever done a pointed pen calligraphy workshop, you are very, very welcome.  Existing OSNS Copperplate Collective members will receive a generous discount to help them become master a valuable skill!

Join us in the beautiful surroundings of the Abbotsford Convent for a next-level Masterclass in traditional copperplate calligraphy, with Melbourne calligrapher Moya Carroll! Bring your favourite calligraphy toys, your clever selves, and a readiness for a long day.


  • Date & time

    18 July 2015
    10AM - 4PM


    Sold out
  • Location

    Old School New School Lettercraft Lab at Abbotsford Convent
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Moya has studied calligraphy and lettering for many years, with local and international teachers - including a world-famous calligraffiti artist and an IAMPETH Master Penman. She has provided calligraphy for everything from luxury fashion in-house events to big corporation events and right on down to wedding calligraphy and love letters for Melbourne and national events.  Her studies have focused almost exclusively on traditional calligraphy and she loves to share her expertise. She’s ready to bring the old school in a no-holds barred way to OSNS’s beautiful new surrounds!

We will start with a quick revision of the basic strokes for Copperplate majuscules, and some warmup drills.  Strictly, we should spend days or months drilling before we ever form our very first letters … but we have a lot to get through in one glorious day, so perhaps we’ll skip just it just this once.  Moya will demonstrate some of the most useful drills to get your letters in shape!

Warming up this way will also be a good introduction to the oblique penholder, if you have one.  Moya will bring tools and equipment to adjust your oblique, if it’s adjustable and if it needs it, to suit each student’s hand individually - this is something that may not be necessary, if you’re lucky enough that yours is adjusted already, but it may make all the difference to your writing.

We’ll spend some time talking about the elements of Copperplate and of Copperplate letter design;  we’ll discuss proportions, angles, and the overwhelming importance of the compound curve, and the shapes that should inform all your letters.  You’ll rarely have your pen out of your hands, and Moya will be circling constantly, leaning over your shoulder to help and support individually.

Stunning majuscles invented by 19th Century Calligrapher: Vincent Valliciergo, that you will work through letter by letter in this Masterclass 

After the lunch break, we’re bringing out the big guns - an exemplar from 19th-century Spanish calligrapher Vincent Valliciergo which we’ll work through letter by letter as time allows. One day isn’t nearly long enough to do all the things we’ll want - but we’ll do our best!  , which we’ll work through letter by letter as time allows. One day isn’t nearly long enough to do all the things we’ll want - but we’ll do our best!  

If we have time in the afternoon, we’ll take a quick diversion off into the land of supplies and sparkles.  The best gold ink, how to blend watercolour gradients on your nib, even a hint of flourishing and decorative elements … let’s see what we can squeeze in as a taster of future OSNS class.

You will also receive

Hand-made nametags

A jar of walnut ink 

A sheaf of notes and diagrams and resources for future studies!

And of course, the usual OSNS personalised attention from a professional calligrapher and quality teacher …  


Your favourite nib, and several spares

Your favourite ink

A pad of Bleedproof Paper, Canson or DeansArt brand.

An oblique penholder, unless you are left-handed.  (If you don’t have one, get in touch with Luis Chang - ). Luis makes them. Otherwise you can order from Paper Ink Arts in USA, it usually takes 2 weeks to ship)  

If you do not have an Oblique, don't panic, we do not insist, and we recommend that you do still take the class, as you will definitely learn a lot, and you can buy one later to continue to build your skill. 

Pre-class homework:

Write the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” in your best copperplate and bring it on the day!  This will let Moya tailor the class to your individual skill level and make sure you get the absolute most out of this day’s workshop.