Script Lettering and Custom Word Design

SOMETHING NEW ! I am excited to bring my learnings from my recent study tour to the USA where I was studying with the incredible Ken Barber of House Industries, and this is your opportunity to be amongst the first of the new breed of letterers here in Australia who nail this exciting skill (which I have become addicted to). Do you feel like the time has come for you to to take your lettering to a whole new amazing level? Are you looking for a new style?  If you have quietly envied other people's hand drawn script and wondered why it looks amazing, this intensive will show you all the secrets. If you don't have high standards someone else will, and with that in mind, this is your golden opportunity to learn how to create dazzling script wordmarks for signage, logos, and lettering projects that are so solid, they will make everyone's (especially your client's) hearts go a flutter when you create design envy amongst your lettering friends. The secret lies in the fundamental knowledge of the construction of formal script lettering and its history.

  • Date & time

    25 March 2017
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    Old School New School
  • Cost

    $500.00 earlybird 
    $560.00 General 

This Course will cover:

Day One 
A visual overview of the history with plenty of visual examples, to help you understand the origins of traditional script. This will start in 1500's through to 1970's, covering the greats from the 1950's golden ages of .lettering. A comprehensive letterform construction analysis of drawn script will be provided, breaking down spacing, shapes, and essential form and strokes of this lettering process. Students will then put this to practice when they create their first piece of lettering for the Intensive. In the afternoon, a break down explaining the difference between formal and informal script and also a comprehensive visual guide including templates and many useful tricks for word flourishing will be provided, including cartouche style flourishing. Flourishing is actually a science and study of of structure and space, and is a very useful way to sharpen typographic skills. It is useful to know this if you are a calligrapher, no matter what style of calligraphy you do. Students will complete their second lettered word, which is a flourished word. 

Finished spencarian lettring in use for prosecco label

Day Two 
Students will draw from both comprehensive visual presentation and handouts, along with historic scripts from the OSNS library of historical letterforms, to investigate various different and unusual historical script scripts, to help them develop alternative lettering. These models include 20th Century Advertising Spencerian, Italian Spencerian, 17th Century Ornamental Penmanship, and 19th Century American Penmanship, as well as the lettering from the legendary 1970’s New York Design Studio of Luballin Byrnes. 

Additional Information
During the intensive, Students will receive detailed overhead data presentation explaining key techniques, do’s and don’ts, while working through a series of exercises. Students will take away detailed handouts to keep as a useful resource that include key information, flourishing guides, and some excellent exemplars of script alphabets to enable them to build their practice.

Why Learn Script Lettering?

Script Lettering is extremely useful. Extremely expressive, it is the best way to communicate quality, and luxury! 
For typographers and type designers, It builds excellent skill in helping you to become better at spacing, alignment, and shape

Informal Casual Script Wordmark Communicates Tradition and Luxury for Beatrix Bakes


Previous experience as a calligrapher is not necessary, as lettering involves DRAWING. The intensive is suitable for people new to lettering, and an excellent introduction to how lettering works. 

You will need to bring:

  • A3 pad of tracing paper
  • Graph paper
  • Plastic ruler
  • 2B Lead Pencils (very sharp) 
    (I like the Pentel .7 clutch pencil)
    or 3-4 2B pencils & a good pencil sharpener (I recommend the Staedtler Noris Double Hole Tub Sharpener or similar
  • 2 erasers. Both Kneadable, and conventional


$500.00 earlybird 
$560.00 General