Mini-Masterclass – Introduction to Brush Script Lettering

Brush Script lettering is the basis of a contemporary design language for which the demand is just keeps getting stronger which means learning it is a must. Get inspired by clicking here to watch the class in action ! 

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    10 June 2017
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Now you have the opportunity to try our super popular Brush Script Lettering introductory mini masterclass. This taster class is specially created to introduce the hesitant to the whole idea of hand lettering. You won't become an accomplished letterer in this short time, but you will get the foundation as we break your bad writing habits and build good ones. Having taught this style to over 500 students, it's nice to know you are learning from the leaders and trusted teaching professionals.  

This 3 hour Saturday morning class is very doable, and perfect for those who are new to typography, and designers who are looking to improve their typographic awareness, as well as those who need to switch off from the fast-paced digital world and immerse in something tactile and time-honoured. This introductory class is a key entry point for those who have entertained the idea of hand lettering and felt unsure about investing in a whole day or whole course. It is an ideal taster to a whole addictive world of letter crafting ! This class cannot teach you everything, but it will get you started, so that you can continue. Those who do so are now enjoying professional success, lettering professionally for special events, and clients. 

How the Class Rolls

The traditional tool for Brush lettering and Brush Script is a regular pointed brush and paint. BUT first, we recommend that beginners start off using a brush pen. Just like trainer wheels, the brush pen is much easier to control. To be honest, digital natives who are not used to handling brushes, pencils,  struggle alot with the challenges of  brush and pain, and we want to build your confidence first. From our extensive experience having taught this skill to over five hundred students,  first learning how to draw the letters curves and shapes correctly is absolutely essential (in itself quite challenging to those who have never tried). This builds confidence and scaffolds your learning,  before dealing with the brush which is another separate challenge within itself.

This class equips you with the essential skills to understand and create typography with flair and meaning. It begins by grasping the componentry which is the basic strokes of Brush Script, which will allow you to gradually develop beautiful letterforms based on these strokes. You will be guided through handy tips and techniques to create the most ideal letters, in terms of weight, shape, space and visual pattern, equipping you to personalise the script to your taste and application. You will also enjoy seeing original examples of brush script to familiarise you with the colourful historical origins of  this colourful technique (known as the Golden Age of Lettering) , to give you a context of "why" you are using it. 

The demand for authentic, analogue custom lettering over fonts plucked from the computer is growing, providing instant brand recognition, saving designers time and money that illustrators cost. It starts with an unsurpassed typographic eye and a respect for process, patience and time, in learning a skill which is the foundation to enable you to create dazzling custom letterforms.



Just yourself! All materials included. You won't need to get to an art supply store: Course fee includes 

Your own writing tool to keep
guide sheet
Comprehensive notes displaying technique and strokes
Alphabet exemplar 
A stunning poster designed by Madeline Deneys !  



Please Note ! We are UNABLE to  refund or transfer your fees,  so we ask that you please choose carefully.