Type Lab - Hand Crafted Letterforms - Copperplate Calligraphy

This isn't just another calligraphy class. It's your opportunity to to Come Away to something really different, and it all starts when you step into the amazing architectural light filled loft space of the School's Letter Craft Lab at historic Abbotsford Convent ! This special structured day of calligraphic learning is delivered  by Australia's  most qualified and experienced leader in the education of calligraphic arts, lettering and typograpy, often called upon by the National Gallery of Victoria, the ABC and the mainstream media such as the Age for type and lettering expertise. 

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    17 June 2017
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    OSNS, Abbotsford Convent (Studio 1 A Mercator Building) , 1 St Hellier St Abbotsford
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    Early bird fee for each workshop =  $250.00

    Late Bird  = $275.00

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For Graphic Designers

You don't need to be a graphic designer to attend this class, but its important to know that this highly acclaimed masterclass  provides the a unique starting point for graphic designers and design students to learn to draw correct letterforms  that will help draw custom script lettering that denotes luxury and sophistication. It will enable you to better discriminate between sound and unsound type and lettering with a better understanding of shape and spatial awareness. As digital natives, students of design do not learn the calligraphic roots of our western typographic system. This class helps to provide some of this essential knowledge, when working with tools helps you to grasp the essentials of space rythm and contrast of lettering and modern type. If you are not a graphic designer, who  wants to learn penmanship skills,  knowing how to build quality beauitufl letterforms and word marks by hand is a useful skill, which you will have for life and can adapt for your own creative pursuits. It's so empowering, and fun !

The status of the Crafter of Letters

Too often, lettering is not considered of sufficient importance to justify study and is often treated in a careless manner. But now the status of the letter crafter has exploded with the demand for good lettering and beautiful copperplate calligraphy having made a huge come back.  With the correct care and guidance, anyone can learn to craft letterforms properly and do it well because it is very logical.

Various techniques and materials will be explored, practised and developed focussing on the very beautiful and romantic Copperplate calligraphy. This is an in depth, hands on day of learning copperplate calligraphy. It is carefully devised  for dedicated learners who see the relevance of understanding the ABC of  typographic knowledge through quality penmanship and for those serious about understanding the origins of type and letterform construction. This is essential knowledge when much of the hand generated lettering in the public domain is unsound (affectionately referred to as slopperplate). As digital natives we must learn to understand the difference between quality well constructed lettering and unsound lettering. Calligraphy is the essential ingredient that shows you how. But be warned. It is highly addictive. 

About Veronica Grow 

OSNS is led by Veronica Grow who has taught Slow Typography using Calligraphic technique in New York at the leading School for Design - Parsons. She  has also studied lettering at the Cooper Union in New York with Ken Barber of the famous Hous Industries. She is often interviewed about Typography by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  She is Melbourne's most experienced teacher of typographic arts and understands how people learn best. She has run classes at Old School New School since 2012, and  has been running Copperplate Calligraphy classes since 2013. She enjoys continually refining her own technique and improving the course content and its delivery. Veronica believes that Copperplate can be contemporary and edgy, it doesn't need to be stuffy and old fashioned, and it doesn't need to be cliched.   For this reason this learning intensive enjoys its well deserved reputation as Melbourne's most comprehensive - and it attracts and connects Australias finest. 

If you take your learning seriously, and are keen to learn brush lettering, or signpainting this class is the perfect foundation because it teaches the fundamental lettershapes and rythm to make  brush script skill easier. So that when it comes time to learn how to control the brush, you are not struggling with correct lettershapes. 


Price includes the specialised ink and nibs and paper that will ensure your success and  save you the frustration of producing bleeding letterforms and ink splodges.  You really need the right gear ! 

** OSNS unique Extra Bonus - Join our Support Group for Free

Because we are really serious about your learning)  we stick around for you !  - meaning  we follow through with your learning ! the price of the ticket also includes free membership to join our exclusive and FUN  Type and Lettering Support Group where you get to hang out once a month and build your skills amidst a vibrant bunch of like minded fun Copperplate afficionados who want to take their copperplate somewhere. This next generation of calligraphers work on exercises to build their skill, and develop exciting projects and partnerships. They also run some inspirational exhibitions such as the recent "One Day is Now" exhibition in November 2014 ! 

Ticket price includes a well earned morning tea (you need it because you work hard) , plus all your materials: a special copperplate nib and holder, practice sheets, and your own special copperlate purposed imported ink.  Without the correct materials, ink bleeds, and nibs don't work! You need the right materials. 


Early bird fee for each workshop =  $250.00

Late Bird  = $275.00

Your purchase of this ticket means that you
have checked ALL prior commitments prior to booking as OSNS is unable to refund tickets or transfer tickets to another month!