Braggin' 'Bout Beziers

This class will help you get super smooth curves that are essential to taking their typography from paper to the screen. You will learn how to master the pen tool when working with type, which is fundamental to crafting beautiful digital typography, and a whole new ball game to using the pen tool generally to trace shapes. Placement of nodes, and number of nodes need to be kept in check, and they also need to be balanced. Like anything, you need someone to show you how !  (please note, you do need to know how to use illustrator if you want to take this class).

  • Date & time

    10 December 2015
    6:30PM - 9:30PM
    15 available places
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    Old School New School
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    Please Note! class fees are not refundable or transferable so we ask that you please choose carefully.


Run by Type Designer Paul Hanslow, This three hour workshop will teach you the skills to confidently build type digitally by mastering the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. The class is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the tricks to bezier curves; from understanding  their control handles to learning the correct placement of nodes, all will be covered on the night. Whether you’re a calligrapher, hand letterer, or budding type designer, this mini master class is the ideal stepping stone to become comfortable with vectorising your lettering.

What you will do

On the night you will be guided through the process, beginning with a brief introduction before getting stuck into learning how to perfect your type digitally. We will teach you a hands-on approach to digitising a variety of typography, which includes both brushscript and cursive. You will also be able to ask questions as we progress through the class and receive guidance when required. So get ahead of the curve and sign up today. The cost of the program includes course handouts, digital exercises and guided instruction during the master class.

You will leave the workshop with a honed eye and the confidence to digitise your lettering so that it looks just right!


Laptop (Mac or PC platform)
Adobe Illustrator
Pens/Pencils and Paper
Mouse (This is optional if you’re comfortable with a computer’s track pad)

Basic working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator


This couse will be run by designer in residence and type expert Paul Hanslow. Paul is well equiped to run you through the process of digital type design and digitising your hand lettering as he has designed three typefaces, including Flinders Street, Gestalt and Simpatico.

Flinders street typeface





Please Note! class fees are not refundable or transferable so we ask that you please choose carefully.