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8 September 2015


19 September 2015
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This popular short course comprises 4 x 3 hourly sessions and one full day in the studio. The course will arm you with a retinue of techniques to help you build a strong portfolio and professional profile as more than a hand letterer -  it will also provide you with  an unsurpassed typographic eye and knowledge of the origins of well known letterforms.  To understand calligraphy is to understand Typography. 

So hop on to the third run of our very successful short course, the Type Carousel, and hold your breath as you rekindle your lost love, honour and respect for typography, using pre-digital analog techniques and process.

The course showcases 5 inspiring  sessions. Four well structured 3 hour evening classes packed with pre-digital typographic hand lettering techniques and projects. PLUS one full studio day for you to work on a project of your own choice !  Here is the run down: 

• Expansion broad Pen - 8 September  - Tuesday evening 7 - 10 pm 
• Level 2 Pointed Pen Copperplate - 10 September  - Thursday evening 7 - 10 pm 
• Fraktur - 15 September - Tuesday evening - 7 - 10 pm 
• Level 2 Informal Brush Script - 17th September -  Thursday evening 7 - 10 pm 
• Special Project Day - An all day studio Session of Experimental Tools and Technique focussed around your own special project outcome - Saturday 19 September 

In a fast era, its important to remember that Typography reaches far beyond the font list under the type menu on the computer, and is about more than simply typing out words, choosing a type face and go!

The ultimate goal of this short course is to reinforce historical typographic knowledge using pre digital analog typographic techniques to draw letters and typography so that you can rekindle your love, honour and respect for typography. 

Thanks to the computer, the results are far too quick and easy, and it has made us lazy, killing off our senses, and dumbing us down. Few of us can see or draw letterforms, with many people butchering and stretching type into grotesquely shaped letterforms, or loading poorly designed unsightly free fonts. Most of us have learned about type on the computer, and while the computer facilitates quick and easy results, it is too easy to set and forget type without really seeing and understanding  the small nuances, complexities and relationships of the forms of letters. This course helps you to intrinsically feel and understand how the lasting influence of handwritten letters makes the shapes and weights of strokes, stress and contrast within letterforms, serif shapes and in the systematic design of alphabets.

What's Covered

The course introduces alternative ideas and approaches to creating and manipulating letterforms and typography, to broaden your resourcefulness, creativity and problem solving capabilities. You will feel excited to experience letters become tangible, important and meaningful – in a way that doesn’t happen in studio lectures, or working in the computer lab.

This is about going beyond pushing buttons, providing the opportunity for you to build your visual and hand skills by improving your ability to draw and construct correct letterforms using a variety of tools and processes.

At each weekly “terminal”, you will experience and understand the very essence of typography - how different tools determine different letterforms. You will be taught various ways to to hold and apply the flat edge pen, brush, and pointed pen, to construct a myriad of different letterforms that don't follow trends. You will also be taught how to evaluate your designs, and how to use your process to build your skills. 

The course is expertly devised, and through its structure, short tracks you, so you will also discover and use a wide variety of pens and tools to create different letterforms and lettered outcomes than those commonly prescribed. You will be given a series of projects to apply your skill, and the critiques and observations you glean from this workshop will enable you to understand the principles and idiosyncracies of any system of letters (known as a font).

It is envisaged that students will be able to use the information and skills from the class to continue to practice and build their skills and become true Letter Smiths and Typographic experts!


Using a learner-centered environment of a small group of letterers, participants will learn through direct experience and active participation; through “doing”, enabling them to make connections and build bridges of knowledge through integrated learning, which is critical to the retention of information. Students are encouraged to bring these pre-digital or analog techniques and processes into their coursework and personal projects to bring individuality to their work.

This course is structured in 4 x  3 hour sessions (7 - 10 pm), and one final full day (Saturday) session.

Each student is treated individually within a small class size of just no more than 10.


This workshop is designed for those from art, advertising or design backgrounds (who have some drawing skills) who want to improve and extend their existing hand-lettering skills for professional or personal practice. It would be useful if you have already completed our one day copperplate workshop, but it is not mandatory. 

Session Breakdown

Session One 
Broad Pen, Foundation and Roman Letters, which have served as the model for all lowercase letters for the last 2000 years

Session Two 
Starting where you left off with your copperplate, you will work on capitals, spacing, coloured medium, and the swirl and swash.

Session Three
Fraktur lettering is all about spacing and the contrast of black and white. Type in its most pure form. 

Session Four 
Brush Script, more experienced students will work with real brush and paint. 

Studio Session held on  Saturday

During the additional studio session students will apply all their lettering skills to a final project of their own choice. This could be signpainting, Chalkboard, Ticket Writing, Logo Design, Bookplate or Title Design.

Cost Includes

$60 for your own special kit of specialised tools for you to keep, that you will need to complete the course 

please note, course fee is not refundable!


At least some drawing experience and confidence with working by hand is necessary to attend this course, with previous hand lettering or calligraphy experience highly recommended. If you have already completed a one day masterclass at OSNS the Type Carousel will provide you the opportunity to take your skills in Brush Script or Pointed Pen English Round Hand Copperplate to the next level. 


Tuesday 8 September 7 - 10 pm, Thursday 10 September 7 - 10 pm, Tuesday 15 September - 7 - 10 pm, Thursday 17th September 7 - 10 pm, Saturday 19 September 10 - 4 pm


Early bird $550  

General fee $620 

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Please choose carefully, because we are strictly unable to refund your fees!