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4 August 2015


1 September 2015
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You are only as good as your last project, and it is your aptitude and exciting project work that wins hearts, opens doors and helps you find your dream job. So, because a good idea is not a good idea if it sits lifelessly in your head, we bring you "The Newspaper Club" – Indie Publication Design short course. This short course will help you to bring your dream Independent Publication project to life, and all with the extra help of the brilliant internationally acclaimed publication designer, Jessica Lowe – Creative Director and founder of the world famous indie magazine Cat People Magazine! Cat People has featured in the world's best design editorial, such as It's Nice That, Mag Culture, Monocle, New York Magazine, and Nylon, and also been awarded by AGDA, International Typographic Society, and The Society of Publication Designers. 

In 2014, my publication project "The Belly of the Beast" was highly commended in the Create Design Awards. This publication is a signifcant marker in my career as a design professional, and helped me to raise the profile of the School and meet many new people. Last year I also worked with Sass Cocker to bring the Ask Alice Hip Hop Hooray Charity Calendar publication to life, and I really do vouch for the value personal publication design projects bring. I also have years of experience guiding and supporting students through the quite involved process of designing a process, to help them make decisions, and move their projects forward. 

The Belly of the Beast

With this in mind, Jessica and I will be working closely with you throughout this short course, to guide you through every important detail of the process, such as initial creative conceptulisation, art direction, all the special facets of typography and typographic detail relating to publication design, and of course, how to get your publication out into the public sphere once it is ready. 

This publication design short course is also excellent for designers who feel they need to learn how to work more creatively and consistently with type and image, and especially learn how to refine text for a lovely tight professional publication. Well resolved text always gives any publication its professional edge. 

The Short Course Covers: 

  • Application of Typography as a means of high end visual communication
  • Narrative Structure
  • Application of imagery as a medium
  • Context of the marriage between image and text
  • Editing
  • Suggested cost effective production formats suitable for your publication
  • Presentation skills
  • Designer as Author – incorporating the above skills for an improved sense of narrative structure working with ideas, concepts and themes. 

Knowing how to produce a beautiful publication design can also be useful knowledge for any designer whose work is speculative, such as architects and urban designers who use design as a tool to inquire, to research, to anticipate and must produce their findings in visually compelling ways that are highly interactive. (Especially when preparing a pitch). 

Your publication could be about anything. One student used this course to design her masters dissertation publication, other students have created publications that deal with something something near and dear, such as a simple record of a daily walking experience, or crosswords! It could be the list of the ten worst / best boyfriends you had or would like to have. Your publication will package this content to transform it into an enticing artifact that your audience will want to pick up.  

Publication on Crosswords printed cheaply in newspaper format, completed by Madeline Deneys

With an emphasis on design, you will learn to compile your content in a compelling way that is inspiring, beautiful and original, so that it can become a shared discourse. Importantly, the act of publishing your content is also the act of putting yourself out there, proclaiming that you have something to say that is worth sharing. Publishing sets you apart as an expert in your field, and is therefore a very valuable process. 

Without a doubt, producing your own professionally designed printed publication is a useful exercise, to get you noticed and enact conversations with other design professionals that will give you professional status and respect ! A must do exercise. What are you waiting for?

Project Objectives

To enhance your creativity by improving your skills in the creative process as you learn how to better evaluate and hone your ideas. This appreciation of a reflective review process will assist and expand your creative output. Helping you to develop a language of visual communication that successfully describes and represents your chosen topic in a creative and non literal manner.

Story Telling

To incorporate your skills and knowledge of formal design elements with those of concept, idea and themes to improve your sense of narrative structure and storytelling ability. 


To further develop your ability to articulate as a high end visual communicator by improving your understanding of typographic hierachy from a functional perspective, and utilise your design skills in refining body copy, and experimentation with type and copy to make your content leap out.


To enhance your awareness and application of imagery as a medium for communication when you further develop your awareness and appreciation of both personal / individual and collective interpretation of images and their contexts placements and scaling. 

Image & Text

To further develop your awareness and appreciation of elements and principles of design in the context of the marriage of imagery, space and text. 


To improve your editing skills regarding quality of your work. 


To develop your abilities in functional presentation of your work, considering navigation, and clarity of purpose including interactive qualities of your piece. 

Finally to incorporate all of the above so that you can confidently and skillfully publish your own content, meaning that that you are are a designer who creates your own content – you are an author.

Who the Course is For 

This course is perfect for designers who work alone, and need feedback and impetus to help them realise their project work. It is a good course for people with at least one year's design study under their belt, or for people from allied professions such as architecture and visual art. All design levels are welcome, however If you have no absolutely no design or editorial experience at all, you will find it is not recommended.  

Please feel free to email with any queries at all.  


The short course is tightly structured, and to get started, participants will need to have a clear idea of what their publication is to be called, relevant imagery, titles, and text. (We can help you with this.)

Lots of passion and commitment, because a lot of weekly work is involved. Each week, you will be expected to produce and print out refinements of your publication, for appropriate feedback, so that when you complete the course, you are ready to produce your work. 

Confidence with Adobe Indesign, and Photoshop,

A laptop with up to date versions of appropriate publication software. 


Five consecutive Tuesday evenings 7 - 10 pm Session 1 Get to know one another Course introduction Look at our ideas, brainstorm& get started on cover page, and 2 inside spreads. Content delivery = Narrative & Story telling through sequencing. Session 2 First Project Submission critique & review work on refinement and further development class discussion = production Session 3 Second Project Submission critique & review work on refinement and complete your development class discussion = you and your personal profile / getting your name out there Session 4 Third and final Project Submission prior to final submission. Your book should be very close to finished now. We will look at final adjustments to scale, tone, headings text and image. class discussion = examination of some case studies Session 5 Very final Project Submission. Your book should now be completed and market ready. class discussion - selling your book.



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