Sign Me Up! The Great Tradition of Sign and Ticketwriting



12 November 2016


19 November 2016
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Old School New School

Look around. Everything you see is being retouched with a nostalgic craft that continues to stand tall in our modern day. Yes, I’m talking about signwriting.  Signwriting has a fervor that simply can’t be matched, and the brush lettering skills you will acquire from Signwriting Course of two sessions are equally essential for anyone with a passion for understanding and correctly designing Typography. Reminiscent of the fabulous fifties, the posters and signs that you’ll create will be bursting with personality that will elevate any space they occupy. Promote your market space, create unique gifts, set up your online shop: you’ll be in high demand.

During this Course of two sessions, our talented Signwriter and teacher Larry Stammers will guide you through his process with passion and precision. With experience dating back to 1969, Larry’s knowledge of brush letterforms cannot be overstated. He’ll provide you with the right materials to put you on track to professionalism. Larry is a gifted teacher who understands the needs of learners, and knows how to instill confidence to get you moving forward quickly. Better still, Larry’s practice doesn’t need a studio or large, open space: just a paintbrush and your own desire.

After completing year 11 in 1969, at the age of 16, Larry enrolled in a full time one year preparatory course in signwriting at The Melbourne College of Painting, Decorating and Sign Crafts. He knew nothing about the craft and threw himself entirely in the deep end, but found that year the most important of his signwriting life. He was taught more than he had ever expected, about layout design, kerning, typography, paint technology, gold leaf signs, glass gilding, murals, Maths, English… Incredible, life long skills.

In January of 1971 Larry successfully acquired an apprenticeship at well respected Filmer and Clarke Signwriters, who also dabbled in window dressing, showcard writing, screen printing and exhibitions, proving to Larry just how far into the world his trade could stretch.

By 1974, he was a fully qualified tradesman, who went on to found Sign Vision- a company which has continued through to our present moment. Larry, to this day, loves doing his job.

Larry has worked with well-regarded clients such as Esprit, Princess Theatre, Dulux, Silvertop Taxis, Henry Bucks, Suzanne Grae, Bendigo Bank, Mei + Picchi, Ivanhoe Grammar and is working with many contemporary Design and Branding agencies, such as Brandworks Melbourne. 

What you will get from this course:

On completion of the course, you will walk away with a sound knowledge of what makes a correct letterforms. If you want to actually design a typeface this knowledge is absolutely essential, as is developing and eye for composition, spacing, and all while USING YOUR HANDS. In fact Signwriting and brush lettering should be essential knowledge for all Graphic Design Students. 

The way we teach the course is very accesible, and is perfect for designers who want to upgrade their skill set, or everyday creatives who wish to learn an endlessly addictive craft, this workshop will change the way you think about hand lettering and Typography.

Course Breakdown:

During Session One, you will learn about the history and techniques of signwriting, ticket writing, showcards and their multitude of uses. Starting with speed stroke lettering, you will be taught foundation brush lettering skills by Larry and get a real grasp on what you need to continue with this craft. Further more you will want to continue ! 

During Session Two you will be ready to create your own works, utilising your physical painting skills, as well as decisions about compostition and colours. Your completed signs  will be yours to keep.

Come join us from  at our beautiful workspace in the Mercator building, at the Abbotsford Convent, for an enriching, enjoyable, coffee fuelled session about signwriting, your new favourite craft. 


Bring yourself and basic drawing supplies (2B pencil, eraser), as well as a small set square. We will provide you with two sable sign brushes which are yours to keep, along with a mahlstick and your own hand made showcards and signs.

Materials Fee

There is an additional materials fee of $35 for this course payable at course commencement. This covers the cost of special sable signwriting brushes and boards which are yours to keep. 

Course Refunds

Ticket Price is not refundable or transferable. So please ensure you choose carefully



Course runs for two consecutive Saturdays, 9.30 am - 12.30 Saturday 12 November 2016 AND Saturday 19 November 2016


 $235 plus a $35 materials fee (materials fee is payable in cash at course commencement) 

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