As Australia's experts in the education of typographic arts, you might have met us during our recent partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria for this year's White Night festival, or seen us featured in the Melbourne Age. OSNS's innovative approach to teaching has changed the paradigm of design education by bringing design back to what it should ultimately be about: people. Learning is personalised, and centres around the learner and teacher not scores and grades. It is certainly  our individual strengths that make us remarkable, and OSNS students are encouraged to use their hands to craft their own custom typography and communication design solutions because we believe that as digital natives, relying on the computer has made many of us lazy when we no longer know how to think using emodied tacit knowledge, and feelings.  We can think only with hour heads, and we also need to learn how to think with heart and hands. Projects are devised to teach  strategic and cross disciplinary process, to develop change agents who use their design skills to promote the betterment of our society.




OSNS Typography Masterclasses provide a serious application of useful contextual learning that you can apply professionally if you work in Advertising or as a Graphic Designer. Our masterclasses vary across a number of typographic disciplines, and vary in length and breadth. The unique cross disciplinary expertise of School founder Veronica Grow means that participants are also shown how the knowledge and skill they glean from their learning experience adds to other disciplines and pursuits, working as "Anchor Points" in a continuum of lifelong learning and divergent thinking. 

Short Courses

Personal projects are key to boosting skills and creativity by trying fresh approaches and experiments, and that is where Old School comes in. We are the king of the special project, providing the right collaborative supportive crafty space to really help you rediscover your creative mojo with like minded people. And who knows where this may lead? Most of our short courses are devised to run parallel and support the learning and acquisition of skills in our main program.