Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions

Is the course accredited and are there pathways to University through completing this course?

It may seem odd, but accreditation has become irrelevant.  Studios, and clients are impressed with your achievements,and you as a person. This is because there are too many accredited designers, yet few who offer relevant skills. You are only as good as your last project, and it is your apptitude and exciting project work that wins hearts, opens doors and helps you to find a job. Quality teaching helps those with drive and passion reach their desination more efficiently! 

In a future of economic uncertainty, of soaring costs, and wages that are not increasing, and job uncertaintly, it is worth seriously considering how much debt you incurr. 

If you are paying to get a degree just because you parents had one, think twice, those days are over.  Or if you are bowing to peer pressure, and want to to study with friends,  this decision could cost you an economically uncertain future.

Our education system is actually just that - a system designed to make you conform, by scaring you into believing that you need  accreditation. Too frightened to break away, you become an excellent sheep, well educated, but unable to think outside the system. 

Naturally, if this "system" failed, these huge scamming businesses known as  Universities would go broke.  So naturally, it is within the interests of those who work for it to protect it. But this is not helping you! 

Your hefty fees should pay for your travel, house, food, and mortgage, not middle managers,  Deans and Department heads huge salaries, and marketing departments.  An 
education should be about what you achieve, giving you confidence, a set of truly creative and well crafted outcomes, plus your skills in working with others. Not a set of standardised grades. 

We are happily unaccredited meaning that our curricula is devised by experienced educators and creative professionals instead of an unwieldy committee that reports to overpaid levels of management who have are interested in numbers not people. 

Our expertise is in teaching and learning design and typography to the high level of resolve required to make you shine in a highly competitive field. Our students are empowered by  the difference of  working with experienced creatives and educators who understand their experience. As teachers we use our valuable time and expertise focussing on helping our students, and creating exciting course content instead of trying to fit into an accreditation system that serves only bureaucrats and institutions. 

What other costs will I incur?

The other main costs that you will incur will be centred around the cost of producing coloured printed work. When you create a book this can add up. Otherwise, the only other cost will be your time and energy. You will find yourself spending a considerable amount of time refining your ideas and discussing how to improve them! 

Why don't you teach web design and digital imaging?

Currently the course is focussed on students developing the core skills of conceptualising, typographic excellence, creativity, and visualising. These are the main skills of the school's founder and they are useful for web designers, who need to know how to craft type, conceptualise and work with images. When the school grows we will definitely incorporate these very important platforms also. 

Does the school supply computers?

No, you will need your own Mac laptop, and the Adobe Suite. Even if you were studying at University or Tafe, you would need one anyway. The best current offer is the Adobe Cloud Version which gives you the whole suite for a monthly fee. You wlll need to be either a student or a teacher. If you are officially neither of these, maybe you know someone who is. This someone could be a relative who is at primary school or high school.

You will also need a laptop (Mac is compatible with other students)  with at least 2.5 GHz processor, and 4GB of RAM.

I want to do the program. What should I do now?

Call us on 93506441. In order to provide an authentic learning community, places are in demand, and limited. Placement is via application, and preference is given to those whose application demonstrates:

  • Commitment
  • Independent self starters
  • Some drawing or visual ability 
  • Literacy - an ability to write well and articulate complex ideas 
  • Sharing and Caring type of person.
  • A sense of humour (very valuable) 
  • Culturally literate. This means that you have a curiosity about the world in general, and know something about the history of the post industrialised world we live in, politics, and films for example. 

What's this Field Work Business

What are Five good reasons to study at OSNS?

  • Good balance of real world projects, informed by  design laboratory experimentation
  • You get to learn manual techniques, and why they are valuable to everything you do as a designer, and human being.
  • You get to think alot about what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • The design program is very cost effective. 
  • The school is well connected the School founder consults to Future Lab in London, and runs workshops in at the Pratt and Parsons New School of Design.  This helps broaden your outlook.