Introduction to Monoline Lettering


Sunday 29 October


10.00am - 1.00pm


$150.00 - General


You will walk away with heightened Typographic knowledge, Lettering skills and your own supplies to continue on with at home!

What's included

- Your own monoline nib and straight pen holder to keep
- A guide sheet to aid practise
- Comprehensive notes displaying technique and resources
- Alphabet exemplars


Old School New School
Abbotsford Convent, (Studio 1 A Mercator Building), 1 St Hellier St


Materials included


Please Note, unfortunately we are UNABLE to refund or transfer your fees, so we ask that you please choose carefully. We are happy for you to transfer your ticket to a friend though.

In depth

Intro to Monoline Lettering

Monoline Lettering is an extremely versatile lettering style and a great introduction to all other methods of handcrafted lettering. Consistent in weight, Monoline Lettering shows no contrast between strokes. It is very reminiscent of the 1950’s era when it was dominant — expressive, chic and classy. This introductory class is a great entry point for anyone considering delving into the world of Hand Lettering.


About the Class

This workshop will guide you through basic lettering principles such as letter shape, spacing and proportion. You will learn the set of basic strokes that combine to create a Monoline alphabet, as well as how to hold and angle the pen. We will then focus on what makes good lettering, consistency, rhythm and simple embellishment. You’ll walk away with an improved knowledge of Typography and brand new tactile skills to apply to anything from posters, cards, logos, artworks, personal projects and beyond.

This 3-hour class is perfect for those who are new to Typography and also creatives looking to improve their Typographic skill and awareness. It’s a fast-paced digital world we’re living in, switching off for the morning to learn something new by hand might be just the thing you need! This class cannot teach you everything, but it will get you started so that you can continue to build your knowledge and technique.

If you take your lettering seriously and are keen to learn brush lettering, script lettering or sign painting — this class is a solid foundation. It teaches fundamental letter shapes and rhythm which translate directly to other styles. So that when it comes to learning how to control a brush, you are one step ahead with knowledge of correct letterforms.

Here at OSNS, we are serious about your learning! That is why we follow through by offering free membership into our close-knit ‘Type and Lettering Support Group’ for all workshop attendees. Meetups are held once a month with the aim of building your lettering skills amidst a vibrant bunch of like minded type-lovers. It’s a casual, fun, friend making, skill building environment that gives you the opportunity to seek guidance and further your ability and improvement far past a three-hour workshop. A great resource for those that want to take their newfound skills to bigger and better places!




Casey Schuurman is a Melbourne based Designer that specialises in Custom Typography and Lettering. She holds a qualification in Communication Design from RMIT University and has completed the intensive Typography course at Abbotsford’s Old School New School. Casey prides herself on beginning all projects by hand and has a love for all things poetic, ironic and involving wordplay. She is currently freelancing as a Lettering artist, joyfully creating expressive, handcrafted Typography every day. You can see her work and say hello at or on Instagram @caseyschuurman.

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