Grammar of the Flourish – Improve your Hand Lettering and Calligraphy


Wednesday 6 September


7.00pm - 10.00pm



Don’t be deterred.  I don’t believe that you need to be a master penman to learn how to flourish. Calling all brush pen letterers, and calligraphers! Without a doubt, everyone wants to flourish, and the saying that you shouldn’t flourish unless you know how holds true, as nothing detracts more from good calligraphy than a bad flourish. This intermediate class is devised for all calligraphers and brush script students with basic experience who want to go on and learn how to flourish. (and who doesn’t?).

Everyone should learn how to flourish because the techniques associated with good flourishing also help us to become better calligraphers and lettering artists. Studying all three benefits all three. This three-hour class is devised for calligraphers who want to improve their work (whether you work with pen and ink creating copper plate or italic, or a Tombow creating brush script). Understanding and then applying the information provided in this class and practicing it will enable you to become a fluent and confident flourisher, and also a much better calligrapher because the class will also help you to improve your spacing and letter alignment and shape. The class will take you through a series of exercises which will enable you to create smooth flowing curves that relate well to your word or title and will also teach you the 6 forms of the flourish. Which letters to flourish from, and how to know the difference between a good and poor flourish.

Once you have been taught, and understand the grammar, flourishing, like music, is just another language, with structures that can be learned and applied. Flourishing is useful as it broadens the understanding of dynamics of space and line and thus helps us to become better calligraphers. Your spacing and letterforms will also be much better.



please note. tickets are not refundable, so we ask that you choose carefully.

Just like learning a piece of music, the flourish needs to be played over and over again to perfect it, then perform it. As any calligrapher or letterer will explain, do not flourish until you know how, as a poor flourish detracts from a good piece of calligraphy or lettering. drawing the eye away from the beautiful set of letters onto the poor flourish.

What is Included

The class includes comprehensive handouts, special drills to teach you how to execute smooth curves, and a set of special flourishing templates to get you started.

Who this Class is Suitable For

As this is a calligraphy class, and not a hand lettering class, the class is perfect for anyone who has learned Brush Script Lettering with the felt tipped pen, or anyone who has learned copperplate calligraphy with the pointed pen. It is suitable for signpainters too. If you are a beginner it is recommended that you learn copperplate calligraphy or brush pen lettering first. Then take this class.

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